Criminal justice is a government plan that is instituted in order to prevent and provide solutions for the occurrence of a deviant behavior in the society. Various   perspectives have been described with the intention of providing explanations as to why crime happens in the society. They include the social problem perspective and the social responsibility perspective. The social problems perspective theories dictates people are not necessarily accountable for their actions but, crimes really occurs because the society within us has failed to prevent the occurrence of the same. This theory requires that the society that intends to eradicate crime within its system should come up with institutions that will keep its members busy. The doing this, the society can be able to quench the curious nature of its members especially children and prevent them from engaging in crime related activities (Cote, 2002). It has been clearly indicated that societies with such institutions that keep its members busy have registered a low profile crime rate than their counterparts who do not have similar institutions (Donnermeyer & O'Block, 2001).

The social responsibility perspective on the other hand is a theory that crime causation is as a result of the choices made by the individual. The members of the society will therefore take full responsibility for the crime the individually cause or commit. The difference in the two perspectives rests particularly on who carries the blame in the event that crime occurs. Whereas social problems theory blames the failure of the society to institute programs that can keep the members busy and avoid crime, the social responsibility theory blames and requires every individual to carry their own burden and face the consequences of causing crime (Akers & Sellers, 2003).

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Biological theories related to crime indicate that individuals may inherit defects from the own parents and they become predisposed to committing the do not wish to. The case of paranoid schizophrenia is a biological problem which indicates that the person is biologically insane. This is a clear indication that the individual is not solely responsible for the crimes committed. Any intention to punish the schizophrenic criminal for having killed the person will not end the crime at all (Cote, 2002). This is because of the biological defects that exist in them. The intention of justice is to end crime causation. For this biologically challenged person, it is important to consider appropriate measures that can be used to end the problem of the person responsible rather than convicting the person without dealing with the root cause. Whereas we may want to crime, we may have to consider this person as not guilty of the crime committed. This is because the crime was driven by a biological problem that the person is not able to have control over it (Akers & Sellers, 2003).

It is important to note that the social problems theories sometimes accommodate the responsibility theory as a causative agent of crime. These calls for the existence of remedial programs that can be used combat any eventuality of occurrence of crime. Personal responsibility is equally important right from children to adults in order to alleviate the society from any instance of crime and blame game. Failure of individuals in the society to control themselves will finally result in skyrocketing crime rates which could be easily avoided (Cote, 2002).

Social responsibility is a theory that I agree with because the social problems theory tends to shield criminals from their acts. It is failure of a judicial system to let criminal escape punishment simply because a social program that would prevent from committing the crime did not exist. If justice is to be done, the courts should not let away criminals who blame nature as reason for their criminal acts. Everyone should always be responsible.

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