Criminal justice system consists of three main parts namely; law enforcement, which comprises the police; adjudication, which comprises the courts; and corrections which comprises jails, prisons, probation and parole. Of the three parts of criminal justice, I am interested in the enforcement which comprises the police. The police are concerned with law enforcement, criminal investigations, search and seizure, interrogations and confessions, racial profiling and maintaining police-community relations.

The website is owned by Constitutional Rights foundation, a nonprofit making organization. It outlines the actions that can be taken by young people and teachers in schools as well as the whole society in order to mitigate or prevent crime among young people. Towards this end, the website has programs and 24 chapters of free lessons on criminal justice and law to help young people to appreciate the challenges of violence and to avoid it. The mission is to educate tomorrow's citizens.

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One of the articles found in this website is 'free expression in a free society'. In reference to CRF-USA (2010), the article teaches that fundamental nature of the rights of freedom of expression to the youth. Students learn and value the right and ability to express one's thoughts without fear of retribution. This article invites students to research, analyze and make conclusions about incidents and events relating to freedom and the bill of rights. Students are also challenged in this article to identify the challenges that are a hindrance to freedom of expression.

The professional associations that will be useful to my career are American Association of Police Officers (AAPO), and National Association of police Chiefs (NACOP), and American

Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens (AFP&CC). According to The APHF (2010) AFP&CC and NACOP promote and support the law enforcement profession through a variety of programs and services and facilitate free exchange of information between currently serving officers. In addition, AFP&CC provides $200 for school aged children of officers killed in the line of duty to attend summer camps. AAPO draws its membership from serving police officers and serves to promote their safety and well being and cultivating the same ideals in our youth. The police criminal court for Missouri is (chs. 164-177) and (chs. 301-304) for corrections (Legal Law HelpTM, 2010). The laws that are contained in this website are those that relate to crime, divorce, bankruptcy, immigration, accidents and personal injury.

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