The effect of globalization has seen people transcend international boundaries to live and work in foreign lands, where they face a myriad of issues, not common in their motherland. The issue of racial discrimination is one major international issue that has remained a thorn in the face of international cohesion and harmony. Racism can be defined as the, belief that the abilities and characteristics of people can be attributed   on their race, and that some racial groups are more superior to others. Throughout history, racial discrimination has been used a strong weapon to propagate fear, and in instances has even resulted in war and other forms of conflict. For example, in America, during the 17th century, the blacks were subjected to massive slavery, as they were seen to be of an inferior race to the whites.

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Throughout the world, different cultural entities are governed by a set of beliefs and a way of life. However, though on a downward trend, the issue of racial discrimination continues to be a major problem in many societies. The world is currently experiencing increased migration as people move to other lands to seek greener pastures or to escape conflicts from their motherland. This has seen the rise of multi-ethnic societies, with a challenge of accommodating the growing number of ethnic group in their societies. In some instances, the discrimination has even reached xenophobic levels where a certain ethnic group is excluded from enjoying privileges and stripped of mere human identity as they are seen to be outsiders.

The problem of discrimination can be addressed by enacting international laws which recognizes people as equal human beings. Also, the society should be educated at all levels, to look at people, not by their color or race but by their abilities and qualifications. This is a vice which should not suffice in the 21st century, because this is a civilized society.

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