The social well-being of the society takes into consideration its dynamics, structures and flaws. The dynamics consists of race, religion and financial status. The multiple platforms serve the point that people of all races are exposed to the same harsh environment. We see that the platform is biased towards the black people. In the first incident Farhad and the daughter are abused verbally where the shopkeeper utters racist comments directed at them. In the other side of time, Rick Cabot who is a lawyer is carjacked together with his wife, Jean. Daniel Ruiz hears the woman make racist comments directed at her carjackers even though it is not confirmed if really the carjackers are blacks.

In the shooting incident, the survivor is a white undercover officer while the other black undercover police is short dead. The black undercover is found with a large sum of money in his box and from further stories we learn that this is the third time running that a black man has been shot and lost his life by a white undercover police. What comes out clearly is that the black race is associated with lack of basic needs and is major suspects in most crime scenes.

The society is sharply divided along racist lines and the movie based on real life experiences, exposes the people entitled with our security as the leading perpetrators. This is confirmed when LAPD officer John Ryan sexually molests Christine in front of her husband merely because she acted with a little defiance.  Recreation is included to determine how well the community is developed. The issue of race comes in because of differences in the social well being. The component and variables of measure rely on the struggles and well-being factors that bond the society. Through complicated surveys and census, it is easy to position the society and compare its well-being to the rest of the societies in the world. Different societies record different standings based on environmental positioning of the society and level of civilization.

Social wellbeing can only be gained through active contribution of the community members into achievement of a common goal. Active contribution is powered by social justice in the society. However, social justice is not achievable unless there is peace and harmony. Peace and harmony creates room for no tolerance to segregation and desegregation. On the other hand, the contribution might be lowered by different political standing, race, religion, culture and different level of resources. Communities with either internal or external conflicts record a high margin of social wellbeing degradation. Communities that are more bonded internally, record a high level of social wellbeing improvement and stability. Below is an analysis of how and why there is no hope of social justice due to rampant racism in the movie.

The movie as directed and written by Paul Haggis, is a no go zone for kids if we are interested in stopping racism. The culture of racism is spread by such gossip and rumors found d in the film. Despite the sympathy that the director wants the audience to feel for the victims, still does not make the movie worth of the three Oscar awards it has won. Various plots that people get involved to make their lives twisted in the wrong way. The movie is based on the directors’ personal experience. The story line takes mere 26 hours, meaning that all the events take time within a single day. Introducing two storylines must have been a waste of time. The point and theme stereotype different people and put racial and social tensions in the spotlight. Los Angeles is the place where everything happens, featuring a group of people who encounter a series of racist incidents and experience how their everyday lives get intertwined.

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The growth of every society is based on power. The way the society power is structured and its power dynamics dictate the governing of the society. In the movie power seems to be based on one race and these are the whites. The other races are only associated with one job. The society in whole believes that every race has a weakness. This view of a race having a weakness is due to the power struggle for each race to be recognized. To achieve full development, the power structure must be in line with all the society members’ approval. This cannot happen in “Crash” since no race trust each other. An excellent example is whereby one person goes to repair another person of a dissimilar race. Jean, the Caucasian, who has a broken down lock, says she cannot trust a person of another race to repair her locks. This is because the whites’ majorities have the idea that they should dictate the way the society operates. When the minority dictates to the majority due to their social class and wealth, the expected results are oppression for the majority poor. The term poor may refer to poor level of material wealth. Therefore, at this stage the only resulting thing is dislike for each other and endless segregation and degradation by the oppressing power.

This movie’s setting revolves around the lives of people brought together with a common gal. This is the issue of racism and insecurity. Among these people is Caucasian district attorney who relies on racism to remain a master of the political game. His Caucasian wife is also in the mix as she had earlier been carjacked by two black men. The wife of the Caucasian attorney has a strong feeling and hate against people who are not light skinned.

There is a lot of scenery trying to put the theme of racism in light. Such themes include the scene where there are a black film producer and his black wife who thinks that her husband does not shore up their black locale sufficiently. Other scenes include the idea of having lovers of different races. Despite the immoral theme of racism “Crash” movie is well acted and well directed. Haggis plot relies on some obvious coincidences that under normal circumstances look like the ordinary drama and jokes of life.

This film does not provide hope for the people that one-day racism will for sure be a thing of the past. Neither does the film provide ideas of how we can solve the issue of racism. I sympathize with all those that had to bear and go through pain because of the issue of racism. Frankly, I feel sorry for all the characters that had to abuse others because of the pain that they in turn have endured under racism. Racism is a sickness that must be cured, and to do this we must communicate to the world that all races are equally valuable and have the same right for existence. Racism is a problem of our daily lives. People cannot live in peace when there is racism.

Problem solving is of paramount importance in our daily tasks to ensure we do not record a failure and to output the best results. Our problem solving should help us in predicting, analyzing and removing potential problems. Failure analysis involves realizing the weak points that appear to be potential failures. We should find out what drives people to being racist.

In order to come up with efficient and reliable outcome value, we need to make an observation whether what we think about other races is right or wrong. This withholds the situation of being given general answers that won’t yield any solution to the challenges they face.  This will enable us to judge the most essential part of the problem and then deal with the other details later. Most of the stories in  this movie are told to give an unfavorable image of racism and all the troubles that come with it. The stories assist to deconstruct the world’s willpower to eternally categorize and label people in respect to their race.

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