Among the countries in the world, China is leading in population with about 1.32bilion people. Due to the rapid growth in economic, various ways to control population growth have been imposed in the country, one being -One child law whereby every family is expected to have only one child. This law is being opposed by many and this essay discusses the reasons for opposing the law.

China one child law

When this law is imposed, it means that the number of old people compared to young will be high. This causes a big problem when it comes to labor. It is a fact young people are stronger than the old hence the country needs people who are productive in building up the nation and in this case young people ideal relative to the old. This fact outweighs the fact of one child law (Shamsi, N. 2006).

Old people need a lot of attention calling for good care and healthy maintenance In this way the government will have to spend a lot of funds in taking good care of them, bearing in mind that there is no inputs coming in to compensate the funds. This means that the country will be deprived of the development due luck of funds. This calls for more young people who shall care for the aged and help the country to develop (Center for International Child Health). This law is against the wishes of many women who would like to have more than one child. The happiness of a mother is to see the fruits of her womb. Many local families would like to prove the fertility of their men by the number of children they bear. So the law is against some traditions. Hence it should be put off and allow people enjoy their marriages with the number of children they wish to have (Facts and Details).

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As many people strive to be obedient to the law many crimes are committed such as the forced abortions and sterilization which are against the fundamental human rights. The government should value the life of the infants and let it be part of the countries development. A family of one child promotes loneliness especially if both parents are working. A child needs to be accompanied by another child. It is in rare cases that you find parents giving their children the company they require. So in this case a family needs to have at least more than one child in this way will help them grow in a social environment .This promotes easy child growth in terms of quick understanding (Opposition of the one child law in china).

Parents do need people that will take after them when in old age and posses their inheritance. As we know that calamities do occur out of our awareness. So if such tragedies befall a family of one child then there comes a big problem of who shall stand to take of the parents in their old age .This calls for the need of more than one child in the family.

Many old people especially those working in the government require their pension fee when they have retired. Therefore, the one child law becomes a challenge to the society. A country will be forced to adopt skilled people who have got the experience they need in their country. This will be caused by scarcity of young people with competent skills within the country. It will also be forced to meet the demands of this workers for them work effectively. This raises the issue of paying urge salaries and other expenses than would have been (Shamsi,N. 2006).


Despite the importance of the one child law in reducing the population of the country, people should be allowed to have a number of children that they can be able to take care of.

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