As of today, there have been several issues between the US Federal Government and the Native Americans, most of which are as a result of the US legislation. Some of these issues include the natives fighting for equal learning, societal and medical for the tribal members and matters of land. The most pertinent of these concerns is the issue of land. According to various articles published by the Native Americans; they describe how the Federal Government has been discriminative and unjust towards the Native American community.

In the 1800's, there was an agreement that the U.S. Government would advocate for better educational, health and public facilities for the tribal members, in exchange for land in the hope that the government would uphold their and honor the promise. (W Thomas, 1999.) However, after being moved to the reservation land, the federal government failed to honor the agreement. But, despite the promise being a legal obligation, the federal government has neglected their responsibility to date, in spite of this pledge being codified in the federal law, agreements, executive guidelines, judicial statutes and international policies. These responsibilities can be categorized into three fundamental obligations: provision of essential public, health, and learning services for tribal members, security for tribal self-governance and safeguard for the Indian trust lands. But, the US government has adamantly failed to push through with the appropriations to meet these general responsibilities.

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Also, the Native Americans are lowly funded as compared to the other communities while they actually have the legal rights to receive this funding. Consequently, this has infuriated the American Indians who believe that being honest is sacred and important when making agreements. Therefore, as a result they have opted to buy land in order to help lessen their dependence on the government for funds. (Hertzberg, 1971) Because the U.S. government has been dishonest in honoring the promise, the natives expect to generate revenue by selling timber to boost their revenue and ensure their sovereignty from the government. From these articles, it is evident that the natives have been ill-treated and neglected by the US federal government both in the past and it still continues up to date.

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