The legislative structure of the United States of America makes various reviews after a specified period (Brake, 2004). This could be done, among other reasons, to improve the standard of living for various disadvantaged groups. However, these reviews leave people in different classes, giving some individuals the priorities to access justice while others are denied the very same right the system is meant to offer. For this reason, many people will bring forth voices of criticism asking why the system cannot leave everybody in the same position. It has been evident that the reviews will make a few people rejoice over their efforts, while others are left worse off (Brake, 2004). For example, single parents may be prioritized when reviews are made, but another group of people may be crying out fowl asking for justice. Other cases include situations of racial and gender discrimination.

Many amendments were accepted to agree that no gender should be discriminated against while executing justice. However, further reviews done may actually leave some genders at a better position as compared to the rest. For example, in the case where women are given priorities to accessing it, men are left in the dark. Representation in the judicial positions, for example, may be done in such a way that women are given a certain right over the other gender. Justice is, when women are left to earn such positions, based on their academic performance and levels. To allocate some positions for them without doing the same for the men is not just.

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People should face the same procedures as far as justice is concerned. No person should be exempted from any legal procedure. Rather, they should all be subject to equal chances in every legislative field. Further legal reviews that promote classification do not leave the judicial system at its best in America. However, many Americans may never get an access to justice based on various prejudices that the society subjects them to. For example, racial differences may find their way to the legal system, inhibiting the very way of achieving justice. Due to this, some groups of people that pass as minorities will want to get different treatment in the legal field. They argue that without this no justice can be achieved. Nevertheless, the extremes of such cases may not necessarily bring in the expected end. Rather, it may work well towards the opposite direction. Therefore, the Courts should not continue to use levels of Court Review to treat Americans differently because the principle of ‘equality’ requires that all are treated in the same way.

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