Documentary # 1

Unconstitutional: the War on Our Civil Liberties is a political documentary directed by Robert Greenwald. It reveals the wide spread abuse of civil liberties that wakened the patriot act of USA and other administrative practices. It is a series that reveals the presidential election of 2000, administration lies, wrong policies and the actions of victims. From this documentary, I believe that the executive branch violated the civil liberties as indicated in the Bill of Rights. This is due to the misleading information about the war on terror. This war addresses varied issues, including ethical, economic and moral issues. The participation of the government leaders in order to pursue the long standing policies lessens civil liberties and violates human rights. Therefore, our civil rights have been violated because the political leaders of the government have provided the misleading information because they wanted to satisfy their own desires. Additionally, media, especially the ABC, provided biased information on the war on terror that led to problems. This information provided was unconstitutional because it triggered war; hence, there is a need for careful interpretations of the constitutional laws. Thus, the war on terror was one of the issues that revealed the way people’s civil liberties were violated.

Documentary # 2

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Affirmative Action is that policy that takes into considerations such factors as race, ethnicity, gender, religion, color and sexual orientation. Bob Zelnick is a former ABC news reporter in Washington, and Christopher Edley is a professor of Bolt Hall School of law. Both of them tried to defend Affirmative Action and to define the agenda of civil rights. Edley tried to defend an Affirmative Action arguing that the schools cannot use race factor in admitting students to school. He revealed that the education system faces challenges for the battle of racial and ethnic justice in the contemporary society. Nedley and Zelnick argued that strongly, because they both believed that the race, ethnicity and age were not used in school admission and working environment. I do not agree with their deontological arguments on Affirmative Action. This is because many states do not follow the Affirmative Action and many schools are still using racism in admitting students. Moreover, in the working place, discrimination based on gender, race and age still exist. Despite Nedley and Zelnick’s efforts to defend affirmative action, citizens would stop practicing them.

Documentary # 3

 Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism is a documentary that criticizes Fox News channel and its owner, Murdoch Rupert. This is because they claim to be fair and balanced in their journalists’ work and yet they engage in consumer fraud. The documentary provides information of conservative bias of the owner of Fox News Channel. I believe there is no such thing in the modern United States media as journalistic ethics. This is because many publications nowadays in U.S are required to be free from any biases. Even though there is freedom of speech, there are laws and regulations that govern people. Moreover, these policies formulated discourage information biases. Fox News Chanel is not different from MSNBC Keith Olbermann. This is because Olbermann made donations to three democrats in violation of the ethics policy of NBC news. The NBC news bars political activities, which includes contributions made without any approval from the NBC news presidency. Therefore, he was suspended from MSNBC for violating journalistic ethics of the company.

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