Since the very beginning of the civilization, crimes were committed. By now there are no clear reasons distinguished for committing a crime by a person. On the other hand, a try may be made to understand the main types of a crime and, perhaps, this will help to understand the reasons, the grounds for a crime. The main types of a crime are:

1. Crimes against persons, for example, murder, assault, poisoning, wounding, rape. Mostly such crimes are committed by drug and alcohol addicted to get money, or by criminal behaviors (World Bank, 2007).

2. Crimes against property, where robbery, burglary, shoplifting, larceny and arson belong. Such crimes should be thought over, there should be no mistake. Such crimes are committed by criminal behaviors, which prefer not to act alone, but in a gang (Lippman, 2012).

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3. Crimes against morality, such as illegal gambling and drug use and prostitution. As the practice shows, the main reasons for gambling or prostitution are money or drugs; such crimes are not committed by criminal behaviors, mostly because very few money may be got from such an offence (Lippman, 2012).

4.White Collar crime such as fraud, bribery, forgery. White collar crimes are committed by those who are gambling or by criminal behaviors.

As one may see, the main reason for committing crimes is poverty of people. Some social measures should be taken by the government to help those people, and decrease the level of crimes n the country. Rehab clinics for drug and alcohol added, occupation schools for prostitutes and criminal behaviors to help them learn a new occupation to make for living, special centers for gamblers to help them overcome such a problem; besides those centers and rehabs should be financed from public or federal funds.

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