The United States Code basically refers to a consolidation and codification of the universal and undeviating laws of U.S. It is primed and published by a section of the house of representatives of the United States. The U.S. consolidated and published their statues in 1874. It is essential to note that the Code excludes executive branch regulations, Federal court decisions, State or local government enacted laws and treaties (Miller, 2007). The United States code entails the legal code and law or jurisprudence. The legal code is the laws that a nation adopts while law jurisprudence is the compliment of rules that the authority imposes. Jurisprudence, however, faces a challenge in that it has to enforce order while at the same it has to allow freedom.

In general terms, my perception to homeland security has greatly changed since taking the course. The main reason is that the course has made me understand homeland security in its broader and deeper meaning. Before, I always understood homeland security as a State security section that only dealt with the safety of people in their homes and surrounding. The course has assisted me in understanding that once a threat on terrorism is perceived, the department of homeland security takes action to ensure that the residents of the area perceived to have the risk are safe or evacuated (Andreas, 2009). The department of homeland security is responsible for announcing when the perceived risk has passed.

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My previous understanding of border protection is the restriction of foreigners in a state or more foreign armed forces from invading a state. However the course clearly elaborates that border protection is the restriction of imports at a nation’s point of entry. It involves controlling the entry and departure of individuals, passage, and products at any ports of entry.

The economy of the United States, particularly in relation to border protection, is protected by both government and non-governmental organizations. The government organizations include the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBD) that mainly conducts immigration, patrols the border and inspects agricultural produce at ports of entry. The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigates custom violations and immigrations. The Transport Security Administration is the other government organization that secures the nation’s air, land, and rail transportation networks (Miller, 2007).

Protection is accomplished through the collaboration of various departments. If a Port Authority, for instance, receives a threat of an impeding attack, they then inform the Homeland Security for further investigation and ensure evacuation of the residents (Andreas, 2009). The U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) is also involved in collecting intelligence that influences the national security decision-making. In this course the most captivating area is the part on border protection and the agency behind protecting the border. 

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