Civil Rights Acts of 1870 bestowed African American equal political and legal status right. The act has undergone several amendments and the most conspicuous is the one that was signed in 1964 that was reinforced by 1968 Fair Housing Act. The act ensured that the African American could sue, hold personal and real property have equal right regardless of the race color, religion and the country of origin (Barak et al 2010).

According to the number of amendments that has been done over the years, civil rights in US have itself at its best. It has made possible legal challenges to go through in pursuit of justice of all the people. In addition, civil right has made it possible for African American to be able to vie for presidency and other senior government post showing a high level of legal rights enjoyment (Forrest, 2002).

Areas requiring improvements

Some of the control agencies for example Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) according to Lichtman, 2008, has been of years been criticized for having solely control over small business thus denying the owners their civil rights to participate in decision making. Another Agency that needs improvement in the way it function is Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) that people feels that it is supposed to get people ideas in its function to control green house gases.

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Areas doing well

According to Forrest 2002, Legal rights, rights to access to education, lack of discrimination, rights to employment and freedom of speech are among the areas that the US Civil rights are doing very well. This is seen in the way people are able to give their opinion in different ways, African American people vying for government post among others.

Vulnerable group

In spite of many years of civil rights in America, women have never been at per with their counter part in the enjoyment of these rights. The other group is people from other country. Despite of Civil Rights Act postulating that all people have equal rights, people from other nations tend to be vulnerable to prejudice (Lichtman, 2008).


The government and the American fraternity should ensure that they do not make mockery of their constitution putting prejudice on these groups. This should be collective responsibility of all the people to change the situation. The government should also tighten their responsibility by ensuring severe punishment to anybody caught in act of discrimination.

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