Prejudice and Discrimination Essay

In the court of law, prejudice and discrimination in most cases influences the jury greatly and finally end in the conviction of innocent suspects. Prejudice and discrimination normally affects the individuals who are despised or those that are marginalized in the society. The case of the West Memphis Three led to the sentencing of a young man, Damian Echols to death row along with other suspected accomplice for the alleged murder of three young boys.

The Case of the West Memphis Three

Damian Echols is said to have had a troubled life history and rumor had it that he was a devil worshipper. Due to this, Echols was enigmatically made one of the lead suspects in this homicide case which remain to be one of the poorly investigated cases in the history of the United States. Damian Echols was the chief suspect. He was habitually in black clothing and that is where the allegations of his satanic affiliation came from. Based on this, he became a perfect target for the police.

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Apparently, this was not evidence enough to guarantee such sentence. It could be seen as the worst injustice that has ever been realized in America’s history. The defendants in this case were identified as suspects because they were very different from the society’s expected appearance and way of life. This evidence from prejudice sources is very much wanting. The analysis of Damian Echols’ case of satanic connections by an unqualified individual could not be enough to assist the prosecutors to incriminate him even though that is what took place in essence.

Prejudice and Discrimination Essay Summary

Damian Echols could easily have been used as a scapegoat and not essentially a true representation of the facts in this documentary. The accusation on Damian Echols was effected because it was believed that the public would obviously agree to his guilty nature due to their cruelty in the society. Damian Echols said that he was innocent regardless of the public opinion and that was the truth. The dark stories and the distressed past were used as scapegoats in this case and not essentially the facts on the issue. The accusers went this way to escape the inspection that awaited them in a situation where the murderer would not be found. Thus, Echols became a victim of the spitefulness and intolerance of his own society.

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