There is a lot of curiosity when we come to think of the treatment that prisoners are getting in prison. Although there is punishment imposed on the people in prison, the things that are offered to them is a little bit disturbing to most of us. They are provided with a luxurious living in the prisons in the name of human rights. Prisoners are the society’s scum and have been imprisoned due to the inability of the government to kill them. Well, it is good that they have some rights but that is not all that they need in prison. Criminal punishment went through great changes in the revolutionary period and during the initial national eras. During the colonial time, the main attention was to get the criminal to work in public. The reformation of the individual was not really a priority. The idea was to have a demonstration to the community that there would be consequences if they commit crimes.

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Reforms in 18th century advocated for behavior correction procedures. The emphasis shifted to the criminal from the community.  Corporal and capital punishment became outdated fashions and not in the major interest of the criminal. Well, modern prisons can be regarded as a purely negative experience for all prisoners or in another perception, a hazard of occupation through which an individual can make a positive thing out of it. It should not be like life ends in prison. Prisoners should be given the chance to continue with life even when in prison. Despite the odds of life and the fact of being in prison, the criminals should be engaged in a process that starts a new life and continue with that life until their term comes to a close. Punitive measures and rehabilitation procedures should not merely be aimed at preparing the person for the outside after exit from the prison.  It may really be beneficial to think of it in such a manner. It is important for the prisoners not to be merely granted rights that give them luxurious existence without being given a chance to develop themselves while in prison.  

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