Intellectual property is extremely beneficial to the society today. Just like any other property in the society, it requires to be protected. Intellectual property is simply imagination that was made real. This imagination may include ideas or dreams. Intellectual property should be regarded with care and concern like the way people protect their houses and cars. This property should be protected from unauthorized use for the benefit of the owners of these properties. Intellectual property is a phrase used to refer to creations of the mind. These creations include inventions, literary works, symbols, and images among others.

The intellectual properties rights of mobile devices include patents, trademarks, and copyright and industrial design rights. Copyright as an intellectual property of mobile phones and internet sources of intellectual property is a legal concept. It gives the owner of the original masterpiece the credit for the creation of these items. Patent as a form of intellectual property grants an inventor or mobile manufacturing companies public recognition and exposure of their products (Birgitte 54). A simple way to understand mobile phone intellectual property is to bear in mind that all the mobile phone products have an origin, and they should be protected from imitation. Anyone who tries to borrow information from a mobile company and benefits profitably from these ideas is said to have abused the intellectual property rights. Mobile phones intellectual property rights have a large impact on international trade. Competitors of immense intellectual companies such as Apple and Samsung may sometimes imitate their intellectual property. When they do this, they are answerable to the law.

The recent activities concerning SOPA have served to create an interest in the protection of public property.  This bill of the United States law helps to fight online trafficking and piracy in the internet. In the recent past, people’s ownership of mobile devices has allowed them to access any information at any time. Sometimes, this information finds its way to the corporate market without the owner’s knowledge. That is the reason why SOPA came up to end piracy and stealing of information using mobile devices. This law will expand the parameters of criminal law with time, and it is likely to limit internet users from streaming copyrighted content in the internet. This legislation is extremely valuable since it protects the market of intellectual property from fraudsters and people who do not want to buy original products.

The Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement is a treaty that has an objective of establishing the international terms and conditions of international intellectual property rights and their enforcement. This legislative tool has a main aim of preventing the sale of copyrighted goods from the internet and other sources.  Trade unions also work hand in hand to prevent abuse and mistreat of property owners by unscrupulous individuals. These individuals practice unfair sale of counterfeit mobile products and other works via the internet. This legislation is highly instrumental to promote the people working in the internet. People such as bloggers and article writers are safe from their works being pirated without their knowledge.

In the recent past, the intellectual property rights tools such as copyright have become hard to observe. This has ensued, because the copyright rule for “all rights preserved” has been complicated to adhere to in mobile industries. This is due to the recent technological innovations. Technological innovations sometimes result in the production of similar goods by competing companies. This becomes controversial, because these issues must be solved accordingly. When intellectual property rights are applied in such circumstances, it may be necessary to consider that the market demands created by consumers of these products are similar regarding various mobile manufacturing companies. When the market demands are similar, this results in the same nature of mobile devices to be created by various companies. It may be argued that, in this case, intellectual property rights are not violated as the manufacturing company creates the mobile devices that the market situation of the time demands.

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Intellectual property rights have migrated to the setting of the internet with the rise in which individuals are using the internet today. Nowadays, there is an abundant use of mobile phones to access the internet. Sometimes, mobile phone users violate the intellectual property rights. With fast access to the internet at any time, they use their mobile phones to access the protected information on the web. When this information is accessed by the users, they use it and regard it as their own. In the past, some mobile companies experienced controversies over the issues related to intellectual rights property. Apple and Samsung who are business competitors and partners in the field of mobile manufacturing have been conflicting over the creation of Iphone by Apple. Samsung pilfered Apple’s patent, when they created tablets. These are examples of intellectual properties, and copying this may be a way leading to the violation of intellectual property rights.

A mobile company like Apple uses the intellectual property rights to patent its inventions in the mobile industry and register its designs.  This company has registered its brand names as trademarks, for example, iPod, iMac, and Macintosh across the world. This acts as an efficient way to prevent the direct coping of brand names. Companies which copy brand names of already registered companies are answerable to the law. The distinctive logo that Apple uses is an apple with a bite taken on one side. This logo is registered by Apple and protected by trademark. Copyright also protects products sold to Apple as iTunes. The owners of these songs have their property protected from the imitation from Apple.

The intellectual property rights of mobile phones are tremendously useful in the mobile manufacturing industry today. This is because they promote innovation. When people and companies dealing with mobile manufacturing are restricted from copying other companies, they become innovative so that they create their own original products. This promotes competition in the mobile industries. Also, mobile manufacturing industries that are well-established pose serious competition to the developing industries. In one way or the other, they have an advantage over small and growing manufacturing industries. Mobile industries are restricted by the intellectual property rights from copying or using the name or product of any manufacturing firm calling it their own (Lambert 130).

The definition of the intellectual property rights is also subject to criticism. This is because the definition is somehow vague and exposes intellectual property to many possible loopholes. Its definition in the United States is “Creations of the mind, Inventions, Literary, names, symbols, designs and images”. The use of these properties in the commercial work when in the hands of unauthorized persons should result in the infringement of these rights. However, the broad definition of intellectual property may raise questions since some people who access this information only cause little alterations and call the intellectual property their own. This vice is a terrible thing since it devaluates and discourages young, innovative, and creative minds who are the original owners of these properties. International online bases should have more strict laws that are remarkably clear and well-pronounced so that they may be used to prevent the violation of intellectual property rights in the Internet at large.

From the foregoing, it is undoubtedly vivid that the intellectual property rights have a broad definition. The violation of these rights in the current societies with the increased use of mobile phones and the Internet increases the rates of the infringement of the law. Perhaps large companies such as Google should consider scrutinizing their mails to investigate possible intellectual property abuse or mishandling. Patents, which are a fundamental composition of intellectual property, should be respected rightly without any objection. This would result in the safe use of the internet without cases of piracy. A piracy-free internet society can be particularly instrumental in shaping the future of information technology. 

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