The article is an interview of Elizabeth Bartholet by the Harvard Human Rights Journal. She is a professor of law and the director of the Child Advocacy Program. The article is about forces that exert pressure on legislative reform and International adoption of children to prevent unscrupulous individuals from adoption a business activity. Elizabeth Bartholet responds to the issue of the International adoptions with immense intelligence, bearing in mind that she is an experienced lawyer. She responds to issues about the laws of adoption and the funding of financial projects by the adopting nations. She responded skillfully to this question arguing that these are irrational policies on poor countries.  The author argues that the basic principles that govern the rule of adoption exist in some countries.

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In the interview there has also been highlighted the issues about the rampant state of corruption and consistency in which people break the law and use children like a commodity of trade. Elizabeth Bartholet envelops an argument in the essay that shows a strong relationship between corruption and poverty in the society. She talks about issues that surround the International adoption of children and exposes several evils in the society that hamper international adoptions. The funding of these adoptions has also suffered criticism by the interviewee saying that unscrupulous individuals are around the globe (Bartholet 2012). The essay has also criticized the selfish ambitions of the intermediaries that exist between the child being adopted and the people who are adopting the child. As it appears in the interview, Elizabeth Bartholet is a rational thinker, and this stipulates that her ideas about adoption should be included in legislative tools across the world to minimize businesses with the pretense that individuals are conducting International adoptions. In this article, the author also defends International adoptions arguing that intermediaries must exist for the adoption to occur appropriately. She argues that the reforms should be made with an intention to satisfy children at heart. She suggests that perhaps the law should look and identify children who are in the institutions. As much as the adoption of children occurs, the more caution should be taken to avoid the violation of Human rights, insists the author of the article.

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