In human resource management, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) refers to a body of laws and practices that enable all persons to work and advance in ranks based on their merit, potential and ability. Most governments and labor laws expect that workplaces including both the public and private sectors should incorporate Equal Employment Opportunity in their human resource functions. This paper looks at the main functions of Equal Employment Opportunity.


The first function of the Equal Employment Opportunity involves protection of workers against discrimination in workplaces. EEO requires that managers in the workplace treat all workers equally without discriminating them based on gender, age, race, disability, religion, nationality or any other factor.  EEO ensures that all workers receive dignified treatment when working. It makes sure that the workers working environments that do not threaten the difference they may have in relation to the other workers.  EEO ensures that workers receive the same treatment in all aspects.

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The second main function of EEO involves guiding the recruitment process, promotion process, job training, placement wage allocation and termination of employment. It ensures that all the above processes take place in an open way. It ensures that no process goes on based on favoritism. All these processes must go on based on merit, performance and experience. The third, main function of Equal Employment Opportunity involves making sure that organizations observe moral and legal responsibilities through prevention of unethical procedures and practices in all human resource functions. It puts organizations to task for them to apply humane practices where human resources are required (McConnell, 2001).


Equal Employment Opportunity has helped to ensure that workplaces maintain an ethical application of human resource practices and procedures that value merit, performance, experience and fairness, as opposed to discrimination based on factors, such as race, gender, handicap and religion among others. It has ensured that all persons receive the same treatment in workplaces.

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