Deliberations on the effectiveness of the Obama administration regarding illegal migration of people to America characterize the society. The administration has accorded illegal immigrants amnesty, which was not the case during the era of Bush. The Obama administration has deceived the Americans to believing that the government has actually done better than the previous administration in controlling illegal immigration in America (Mayer, 2010).

Mayer explains that amnesty will make the situation worse because other people planning to migrate to America will not acknowledge the impacts of being arrested. The illegal immigrants who are in America will encourage those whom they left back in their countries to migrate to America (Mayer, 2010). Most of the immigrants are from Mexico and other Latin American countries, which are already deteriorating economically.

The current administration is applying strategies, which are mainly for their political benefits. They are against the fencing of the borders and they support the idea of deploying borderline troops who are not effective. The legislators support these models since they are preferable; however, they do not transfer the same spirit to other laws. Sadly, the administration is aware of the negative impacts of this leniency but due to the need to benefit politically, nothing is in the offing to control the situation. In deed, the administration placed a legal suit on the Arizona state for implementing some of the laws that control illegal immigration (Mayer, 2010). Although this may not be successful, it is a clear indicator of diminishing interest from the government to control the situation.

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David Vitter expressed his concern over the increasing case of illegal immigration into America. He cited the ignorance shown by the government regarding the economic impacts of allowing the immigrants to stay in America. The immigrants will start receiving virtually all the benefits accorded to the American citizens. Such include loans to facilitate their university studies and financial support in other levels of study (State News Service, 2010).

The DREAM Act, which was meant to safeguard the welfare of the illegal immigrants, has not been completely adopted. Vitter is one of the opponents of the DREAM Act and he has demanded that the government explains what the value of the Act will be (State News Service, 2010). He noted that during economic hardships, passing such laws would affect Americans more. About 2.1 million illegal immigrants will receive benefits close to what American citizens receive.

Vitter is disappointed that some politicians such as Reid have drafted a different version of the DREAM Act. This is a political strategy meant to win votes for the law although it is not different from the initial draft. Reid and other politicians have deceived the Americans so that they do not realize that they will pay for the illegal immigrants using their tax (State News Service, 2010). The immigrants will receive health benefits and other human services, which were meant for the Americans only and therefore this will cause economic constrains in the budget.

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