Many factors have contributed towards the emergence and persistent rates of racial discrimination across the world. But whatever the situation or region, ignorance and poverty are the main reasons why people from different races discriminate each other. To begin with, most us have failed to understand that God created us equal. Thus, some people view themselves as inferior, while others are referred to as superior. In a few words, failure to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong causes racial discrimination. Furthermore, inability to access basic human wants, such as food, good shelter, and quality medical care may cause racial discrimination.

Racial discrimination may exist because of different cultures in countries, which may influence the behavior of races. However, this should not be a point to hold onto and think that a particular race came before the others. Nevertheless, historical difference has blindfolded many people and made them discriminate each other. Ignorance has taken course in many continents all over the world. As a result, some people have been deprived of their rights and subjected to total discrimination by other races. For example, slave trade was practiced because the whites undermined the ignorant blacks. The whites referred to themselves as first class. Essentially, no one is greater than another because we all originated from Adam and Eve, who are our forefathers. I believe that bad relationship with the blacks is what made the whites superior.

It is quite unfortunate that even with the emergence of globalization racial discrimination is still a problem. People move from one country to another in search of market for their goods and services. However, ignorance limits their free interacting. Some people are clinging to the past experiences and would not like them erased in their minds. For instance, there is still a belief that some races are uncivilized and cannot develop at all (Marshall 2010). This is a wrong notion because the performance of an individual does not depend on his or her racial background. We are all human beings, who should be gauged according to our intellectual ability.

Past events and historical beliefs remain the key reason why racial discrimination is still evident in the modern world. Although revolutionary changes have taken place in most continents, some people are ignorant of the importance of civilization and equality. For instance, intermarriages are not allowed between some races. Some blacks believe that whites are dictators, and blacks are known for committing violent crimes. Consequently, these qualities are barriers in many interracial marriages. All these beliefs arise from the pre-colonial period where exploitation of human rights was intensified. Therefore, it is absolutely incorrect to despise a race because of past experiences without necessarily taking time to learn from a personal perspective. Humankind has racial instinct bred through genes that makes them loyal to their own people. As a result, people from other races are mistreated out of wrong and inhuman assumptions. With modernization, this culture that arises from ignorance is, therefore, obsolete and should be done away with in order to finish racial discrimination problem.

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It is important to note that poverty is also a dominating factor that causes racial discrimination. Unemployment, inadequate natural resources and hostile environment has made influenced settlement patterns in the world. The existing housing schemes have only favored the rich and the high income earners. The poor have opted to stay in remote and underdeveloped areas. As a result, many people have been secluded from opportunities that are accessible to those who stay in urban places. Increased poverty has denied some races access to basic factors of production, such as capital. This has led to the production of low quality goods, which has made them unpopular in business market. Developed nations have discriminated developing countries because they lack technical factors of production, such as skilled labor. However, it is quite unethical to discriminate a race simply because of their poverty situation.

Poverty level is higher among the black people than the whites. The blacks have been struggling to fend for their needs using the existing limited resources. Despite these challenges, the blacks have tried to acquire knowledge and skills needed in the job market. Currently, there are so many experts among the blacks whose potentials can be tapped for development of the entire world. However, racial discrimination has made them suffer unemployment because of their economic background. This is a factor that can be dealt with if the government puts down stringent measures of ensuring equality in the workforce.

Students from poor backgrounds are not allowed to get education in some institutions because the management feels that they will be a bother to them. Racial discrimination concentrates on poverty as the rich races get to benefit from the resources available in the country. Therefore, these students are not able to obtain quality education that is necessary in order to get a well paying job. The marginalized races have continued to suffer discrimination in the modern world simply because they cannot march the rich (Neubeck 2001).

The increasing poverty from meager incomes has led to racial discrimination in housing. Loans are given according to the income an individual earns. Most whites have dominated the urban suburbs (Horton 2002). Blacks and Latinos have remained in poor rural houses since they cannot afford to rent the expensive urban houses. Nevertheless, the blacks who stay in urban areas have concentrated in one region where the rent is relatively cheap and affordable. This has motivated discrimination in sharing social amenities. Moreover, political parties have been formed from racial view point with the aim of elevating the living standards of the blacks.

Racial discrimination is still a problem in the United States. It is evident because majority of the citizens have not changed their mindsets on the historical experiences of different races. In addition, poverty levels between the races also contribute to discrimination in the nation. We must reach a point of considering others as our brothers and sisters. We should not judge others based on their skin color but on the actions they take to realize their dreams. All of us need same basic materials in order to be happy in this life. Furthermore, we are equal since our origin is the same. The only difference between us is the way we handle issues. Nobody chooses to be poor or to be born in a specific geographical location. Therefore, poverty should not be a center for racial discrimination. Developed nations ought to help third world countries in improving the living standards of its citizens.

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