Reproductive rights refer to the legally acceptable privileges and freedom associated to reproduction. These include those rights that are inclined to reproductive health, sexuality, family issues and ability to make a decision concerning once relationship (Shah 24). Understanding the reproductive rights, helps fight the stereotype that the society has regarding gender issues. Feminism is a term used to describe the movement bodies or groups that are in active participation for defending, and fighting for women rights, in the society. The core fields where these fights are anchored include social, economic, political, and educational benches. Several groups and individuals in the world have been fighting to establish gender equality in society. They disregard the claims that ‘female is a weaker sex’ in the society, and want to have equal rights as their male counter parts (Center for Reproductive Rights 21).

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The importance of advocating for reproductive rights by the feminists is inclined to the fact that it will lead to ample social benefits. Fighting for reproductive rights not only improve the quality of women’s life but also for the children. The child may be a girl or a boy. Before the development of contraceptives, women felt the burden of bearing children without control. They viewed this as a means of blocking them in many activities in the society; only leaving them with family matters. Feminists felt that fighting for reproductive rights would free them from economic dependence to their husbands. This would also enhance their participation in politics, education, economic activities (Center for reproductive rights 29).

Consequently, the much emphasis on the reproductive rights by feminists has propagated changes in societies. Societies and countries are diluting their restrictions for women. This has opened chances for the females to compete for resources, and opportunities in the society at the same level with men. Some of the countries have even set portions of opportunities for women, which must be met (Shah 15). Feminists have managed to fight for the females basing their argument on reproduction rights. 

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