The issue of organized criminal syndicates’ involvement in narcotics trades is currently facing many states and societies. The international gangs, on a global basis, are presenting the gravest criminal threat that the State of Chaos has ever faced in its history. However, we have learnt from history that being aggressive in enforcing laws does work. However, this is possible where there is coordination between the resources and will in eliminating the command structure of such organizations, and their environment of corruption, violence, and intimidation, which nourishes their intensions.

It is estimated that more than 8,000 people across the State of Chaos die annually as a result of suicides, homicides, and other incidents that are related to the use of small arms. Until recently, there was a substantial decrease in gun violence in the State of Chaos. However, even during that period of low gun violence, many citizens of Chaos were still dying from violence related to firearms, not to mention many others who were affected directly or indirectly by non-gun violence. According to the criminal investigation report; in 2010, there were 1,100 deaths resulting from gunfire, 1,607 gun assaults, and about 1,200 gun robberies in rural areas of the state. In the capital of the State of Chaos, similar treads were noted; after two decades of decline in gun violence, frequency of homicide cases began to increase with gun homicide taking an upwards trend. Though there used to be great gap between crime in urban and rural areas, there is a rising concern that this gap has narrowed down due to the increased violence rates related to guns in the upcountry areas (Rengifo 213). To regulate gun violence in the upcountry areas and protect the society from rivaling gangs operating the drugs trafficking corridors, we should increase the number of policy makers and law enforcers, as the State of Chaos policies aims at reducing the number of gangs and gun related violence.

This report has highlighted the nature and the prevalence of gun violence in the State of Chaos. An overview of interventions and policies that need to be used in handling the situation is also included. Special attention should be paid to gangs, drug market, and guns accessibility pertaining the level of violence, and the nature of intervention that need to be implemented to slow down, if not eradicate, the gun-related violence (Cynthia 112).

Guns and violence related to weapon have become a cause for alarm in the State of Chaos, most specifically, in the capital city. A recently conducted research by the Chaos Bureau of Statistics (CBS) indicated that the sum homicide rates in the upcountry areas remained low compared to the rates in the capital. The research highlights several trends that are indicators of the potential changes in the patterns of violence in the State of Chaos (Bordin 101).

To start with, it was observed that after 15 years of decrease in the rates of violence, 2010 was the second consecutive year that recorded a significant increase in the rates of homicide. The frequency, at which guns are used in the execution of homicides, has remained stable for the previous four years. Nevertheless, in 2010, guns outdid knives and became the largest category of small weapons used in criminal activities. Concerning the use of guns in criminal activities, it is important to note that there is a shift in the types of guns being used. Previous research by CBS indicated that shotguns and rifles were widely used by criminals. However, the 2010 research shows that revolvers were mostly used in crimes, edging out the shotguns and rifles. The 2010 CBS research recorded a double increase in the number of organized criminal groups (from 47 gangs to 103 gangs). Most of these gangs emerged in slums around the capital city, especially in the downtown. While non-organized violence involved guns in less than a third of all violence incidence, guns were used in more than two third of total number of gang violence. This explains why there is a high rate of gang violence in the capital. Examining the trends in the gun related violence and finding out the reasons behind the increase in gun violence is an urgent issue to the governor and the citizens of the State of Chaos.

The unacceptable high rates of gun violence in the State of Chaos are attributed to the presence of drugs and easy accessibility of guns from the state’s East neighbor where there is a civil war.

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To a great extent, illegal narcotic drugs market has been related to gun violence. Despite the fact that many researches on youth have highlighted gangs as the epicenter of alarming rates of gun-related violence, the involvement in drug market has also been a primary catalyst of violence. According to the CBS weekly report, members of the Chaos societies, who participate in drugs trade, demonstrate higher level of gun violence as compared to individuals who do not take part in drug trades. In addition, it can be argued that the inception of the fight against narcotic drugs, consequently prohibition of cocaine and invasion of drug markets by the state’s organs is accountable of the increase of guns in the slums in the State of Chaos. Guns have become indispensable tools of trade in the market where chaos is the order of the day. Given that drugs trade involves money laundry, with dealers carrying a lot of cash, there is a high chance of such dealers to be targeted by robbers, other than being on the wrong side of law; due to this insecurity there is a call for guns. As the number of unemployed youth involved in drugs trade increases, the market of guns emerged. The firearms market attracted even youth who initially were not members of the drugs trading gangs. A study that was conducted by the University of Chaos found out that the drug trade serves as the preliminary source of conflict that culminates in gun violence.

Before we engage in argument about legality of narcotic drugs, the reason as to why they are illegal should be explained. Legalizing drugs would decimate the future of the State of Chaos and gravely would influence the present generation. The process of qualifying narcotic drugs as legal is both an intellectually and morally corrupt concept (Bordin 109).

According to the facts that have been put forth by the governmental agencies, research institutions, and medical experiments, narcotic drugs are found to be more destructive than constructive. Legalizing alcohol and cigarettes does not mean they are pro-health; neither should this be taken as the avenue to legalize narcotic drugs. The effects of drugs vary; a single dose of coke cannot be compared to a swing of alcohol or the potency of cigarettes. Since from the above discussion it has been revealed that the drugs market is a root of the violence in the State of Chaos, legalizing drug in the name of security will be a step of giving in, and allowing the drug dealers do the things their way. The rule of law should be adhered to, at all cost. Legalizing narcotic drugs is not a sure way of eradicating criminal activities. If the legitimacy of any narcotic drug, even the mild one, sees the light of the day, this will be the way to legalizing all forms of narcotic drugs in future (Bordin 136). The control will not be possible.

However, the issue of legalizing some narcotic drugs should be included in the equation of solving the gun violence that has continually claimed lives of citizens of the State of Chaos. According to a survey that was conducted recently, the war against drugs had worsened the situation. State has been viewed as a common enemy of the drugs cartels, and they have armed themselves with guns to guard their premises. Despite numerous campaigns against drugs around the world, the use of narcotic drugs has been on rise. The government heightened fight against the cartels and this had actually led to increased number of drugs related gangs committing more violence. Irrespective of their enactment, policies against narcotic drugs have had unintended outcome by leading to more violence and uprising of gangs. Unfortunately, enforcing drug control bills are just a monumental wastage of state resources (Frank 69).

Guns control has been an issue of debate since the day they were invented. As much as the government would be pressurized to legalize the narcotic drugs, it should not lose control over the accessibility of the firearms. If they choose the long hands gun, it will be lethal both to the target and the user. Though the availability of guns has increased at an alarming rate in the State of Chaos, action must be taken to dispossess all illegal guns. As a measure to reduce gun related violence, a ban should be placed on the assaulted weapons. To succeed in the process of disarming the drug cartels and other gangs is not a simple task. A balanced technique that involves intervention and prevention should be adopted in order to address the factor associated drugs, and gun violence in drugs markets (Frank 89). A longitudinal study of youth behavior conducted by CBS demonstrated that the various risk factors related to gun violence also support the reasons as to why individuals join gangs and participate in violence activities.

State resources should be directed towards poverty reduction, promoting entrepreneurship, and education among youth. All the important stakeholders should be committed to the fight against the gun related violence. Legalization of narcotic drugs should be made from an informed point of view, putting all things under consideration, guided by intelligence and morals. 

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