In the first Sally, part one of Miguel de Cervantes’s Cervantes Don Quixote, we learn about the violent relationship between Alonso Quijano, his niece, house maid and other people he interacts with during his adventures. The retired country gentleman living in La Mancha experiences a total change after reading the fictitious books of Chivalry. He can no longer reason because he believes in all the terrifying accounts in this text. Hence, he becomes rebellious and disagrees with anyone he comes across. For instance, he fights muleteers who interfere wit his armor during his visit to the inn. This is in contrast to the tragedy of Othello where people lost their wits and harmony because of loose shreds (Jerome, W.C. et al., 2003).  

This is a very insightful novel that sensitizes us on healthy reading cultures. Just like Alonso who was committed to an extensive reading, we should also read a variety of books and other non book materials which can positively transform our lives. However, we should be so selective on what kind of texts to read. Despite this, we should learn to separate fictions from reality. This is essential because it will inform and give us an opportunity to understand ourselves and the environment in totality.

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Even if many people do not like reading, this novel challenges them to perceive it as an important activity. However, they should not do it like Alonso who was mentally disturbed because of the scaring texts he opted for. No one should blame his behaviors on his reading list. Instead of behaving like Alonso, we should learn to relate well to other people without causing any interference. Otherwise, we will face a lot of problems. Instead of behaving like Alonso who became withdrawn from the rest of the society, we should ensure that we are always conscious and cooperative. We should use the knowledge got from our readings to make a positive contribution to our immediate environment. Otherwise, we would always conflict with others and suffer like Alonso who was later beaten by traders from Toledo before being saved by a peasant neighbor.

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