The Great Gatsby is an American novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The book has a setting of spring to autumn in 1922. This time in the history of USA is the Roaring Twenties, because of the high rates of prosperity within this time. The setting of this novel is during a time, which the United States prohibited the manufacture and the sale of alcoholic beverages. The people who succeeded to smuggle alcohol at this time became immensely rich. This setting contributed mightily to the popularity of this novel. In the novel, Nick comes out as the main character of the novel, and not Gatsby. The antagonist role in any novel is played by the main character of the novel. Usually, a main character has outstanding personal attributes that make them achieve favor from the audience of the novel. The circumstances surrounding Nick in the novel make him be unquestionably the protagonist and not Gatsby.

In the novel, Nick Carraway is only a bond salesman and the neighbor next door to Jay Gatsby, and yet Gatsby calls for his help to help him meet Daisy fey, who is Nicks second cousin. This act, when Gatsby asks for assistance from Nick to help him meet a lady she once dated, before he had gone out for a mission in the army, depicts Nick as a trustworthy and a dependable character. Despite the little finance, the Nick has, rich people like Jay Gatsby still find him dependable (Fitzgerald 47). Nick Carraway, who is the narrator of the novel is a young man who learns in the University of Yale, fights World War I, and later goes to New York City where he learns bonds business. His personal attributes make him be regarded as the protagonist of this novel. His personality is likable with so many other admirable personalities compared to Gatsby. For example, Nick is so tolerant and inclined to reserve judgment. These positive Nick’s traits make the narrator of this novel to perceive him as the main character to a great extent. In the setting of this novel, Gatsby is a young man who is so fond of hosting parties at his mansion. He comes from a rich family, but the information about where he comes from is mysterious. Nick views Gatsby as a man with exceptionally many flaws, and one who is exceedingly vulgar. Since Nick is the narrator of the story, we may be compelled to believe so and accord Nick as the protagonist of the Novel.

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Nick Carraway makes perfect heights of achievements in the novel. He may be regarded as the protagonist of the novel considering that he maintains the social relationship of the people around him. Therefore, he is the hero in the novel. Also, he is highly truthful and does not tell anyone about Daisy’s affair. He has a moral mind, as he is extremely innocent and loving. To maintain warm interpersonal relationship with his friends, Nick prefers to be silent and do not act to change the criminal or rude behavior of his friends. He cares for everyone around him and does not want to see anyone getting hurt (Meyer 41). This is the opposite of what Gatsby presents himself in the novel. Gatsby is rude and does not maintain interpersonal relationships with the people around him. For this reason, it may be argued that Nick is the protagonist since protagonists must be reasonable and relate well with the people around them. In the midst of people who are so spoilt, Nick remains the most outstanding character, since he was not influenced by the people staying around him.

Nick is also regarded as the key protagonist in this novel, because he serves to expose all the weaknesses of the people around him. In fact, he reveals to the audience of the novel the chief criminal activities Gatsby had indulged in to gain the social status he currently has. Gatsby is presented in the narration by Nick as a person who would do anything without even moral considerations, just to achieve status of the people around him. He could do anything to win Daisy’s heart back in his life.

The Great Gatsby is narrated with the perception of issues from Nick’s eyes. Therefore, it is the reason why Nick has to be the protagonist and not Gatsby. So, that the issues are well spoken to the reader’s minds exactly as they appear in the protagonist's mind. The circumstances that Nick goes through in the Novel help us to reveal that he is so consoling and secretive. He pays considerable attention to the people near him and tries to help them. In the event of Gatsby’s death, Nick takes a mature responsibility of organizing Gatsby’s funeral and calls all the people. A protagonist takes care of their friends regardless of the circumstance, and this action shows Nicks high responsibility and heroism. Nick seemed not to have so many relationship problems like the people around him. In fact, he appears as a saint in some way, but Gatsby was so rude and immoral (Shmoop 102).

From the foregoing, Nick Carraway is also the protagonist of the novel and not Gatsby, who considers his reconciliatory role in the novel. He contained powerful secrets of the people around him and he did not trade or leak any secrets. He also played a significant role as a mediator in the novel. He mainly prevented some insane things to happen in the novel by containing secrets and his outstanding silence. Gatsby was well known by the people surrounding him, but he was known for immoral reasons. Nick has a favorable reputation. He gave everything for others just like a true friend should do. He is morally upright, just the way protagonists should be.

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