The poem by Robert Frost has a largely significant meaning. The main quote that seems to summarize the whole poem is, good fences make excellent neighbors’. This is a quote in the poem which is rich in content. There are a number of ways in which it can be translated. Therefore, it can be applied in many people’s lives and interpersonal relationships. It is a quote that has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The neighbor of the narrator always insists on mending of the wall every other year. The narrator does not support this and thinks that it is an old fashioned way of reasoning. This affects their relationship. The statement is ironical. The fence acts as a separation between the two neighbors. However, the neighbor of the narrator claims that it makes a terrific neighbor. This is not realistic from the narrator’s point of view since it does not make sense. One of the meanings that this quote is that the better the fence the better their relationship. This also brings in a general meaning. When one has borders which are defined between them and their neighbors, they quarrel less often, and this makes their relationship better. Therefore, it means that increased contact between neighbors makes their relationship poorer. This is because they are most likely to collide. Therefore, the better the fence, the better the relationship. This is according to the narrator’s neighbor.

At a certain point in the poem, the narrator says, he is all pine, and I am apple orchard’. This statement is upheld by the narrator who does not see the need of a fence. He thinks that they have property so different from each other. Therefore, they do not actually require a fence to separate them. At another point, he says, but there are no cows’. This shows that there are no animals that can cross. Therefore, there would be no need for a fence. This is symbolic of their relationship. It means that a reasonable and sensible neighbor does not need limits and borders in order to relate well with their neighbors. Therefore, having a fence between neighbors would only act to divide and not unite them.

This statement could be extremely ironical. Neighbors are supposed to help each other. When a fence is put between them and strengthened every other time, this will hinder the extent to which they can help each other. The neighbor may think that he/she is protecting his or hers property. However, they might be hindering the help that they can get from their neighbors. This is a false thought, and to some extent, the narrator might be right. This is a significant advantage that comes with the quote. Therefore, a fence between neighbors should not be seen as an advantage but as a barrier to intimate relationships. This should be understood by people who are like the narrators neighbor.

The other derivation that can be made from this quote is that people should leave their old fashioned ways. They should be liberal and open minded. People who live together should be free thinkers and not only people who follow rules and regulations baselessly. The neighbor of the narrator just wanted a fence between them regardless of their condition. This could be a reasonable thing for enemies living next to each other. However, he claims that a respectable neighbor is based on the division between them. This does not bear any truth.

On the other hand, the narrator’s neighbor has the intention of protecting their privacy. He always insists on a fence and its repair. When the fence has worn out, the neighbor feels insecure and feels that his privacy is being invaded. This could be true since when there is no barrier between neighbors each can see and tell what is happening in the other person’s home. In the real world, friends and neighbors who do not have boundaries often quarrel. This is because one tends to invade the privacy of the other. This happens inevitably since the borders and the crossing lines are not well defined (Frost 1914). Therefore to some extent, we cam conclude that this old fashioned way of thinking could bear some truth in it. It shows that considerable neighbors exist where fences are well put up.


This poem carries a significant meaning in it. It has many lessons to teach depending on the perspective of the person analyzing it. Therefore, it is a poem that can be used by people who are in relationships to help strengthen them or to justify the putting of boundaries and limits on relationships.

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