Ilene Hochberg is a well known and bestselling author in the genre of parody. Her story Who Stole My Cheese? is a parody of the classical book by Spencer Johnson. Both writers reflect in the books the issues of changes in people’s lives and their results. Authors state that changes can either come with a blessing or a curse. This depends on one's attitude towards life. Many people do not welcome change in their lives. There is always an inner sound that urges a person to accept, but the body disagrees profusely.  Ilene Hochberg’s book provides guidelines that help people deal with it in lives. The book is easily related to the real life situation. It was first published on July 13th, 2003 by Running Press.

It is irresistible to stop reading Who Stole My Cheese?, once a person begins. The author has realized that people cannot live without changes and decided to help a person treat any changeable situation properly. It is crucial that the author chose this topic considering its actuality nowadays.   If a reader gets this book, he will realize that an end of one thing brings a start of a new opportunity. The book is full of symbolism. The author states that a person has an opportunity to change life within one hour after reading and analyzing the content of her book. 

Ilene has helped many people transform their lives through her inspirational books. She encourages people to accept whatever the day brings and never be afraid of anything. It gives solutions on stress and live challenges. The use of metaphors throughout the book has made it intriguing to read. For instance, “Cheese“ symbolizes good job, life free of stress, peace of mind, true relationship, wealth, health, or anything compelling a person to have wishes. Basically, the story involves four characters:  two mice Sniff and Scurry, by their names, and two “little people” called Hem and Haw.

According to the story, the four characters spend their lives in a maze. In this case, the maze is a metaphor for a place where you are living, by doing what you want. This may be your working place, the family, or community. Later in the story, the characters are faced with unforeseen changes. This implies that they have to adapt to new situations in their life. Therefore, they should be courage and ready to sacrifice. The writer states that people can overcome all problems in their way. The first thing they need to follow is a desire. Nevertheless, Haw is successful in dealing with changes. He writes to others about his journey and how he has achieved success.

Consequently, the lives of the four characters are transformed at a great deal. They have got a good cheese indeed. They think that their piece of cheese will provide them well being forever. However, as time goes by, the cheese became shorter and shorter. It was not enough to satisfy their needs.  This prompted two mice to think of an option, and decided to search for more cheese. On the other side, the two little boys decided not to worry and waited for more cheese. This made the little ones cruel and selfish to each other.

The author aims at helping the readers of this book to cope with challenges in life. The book enables readers reflect on their life, and, therefore, identifies where he or she might have lost the way. The book highlights the common challenges that people face. These include losing a job or company collapsing. It encourages people to know that it is not always the end of the tether, but a chance to rebuild the foundation for a perfect future.

On the other hand, the author also puts emphasis on how to deal with success at hand. It is a natural feature that nothing lasts forever. One is supposed to keep in practice what is learnt in day to day life situations. Readers are also encouraged to let the old things that drag us go away. It is of no use clinging on the past. The writer states that people should not stop on their way. They should find something new and overcome all obstacles. The author urges people to let go the old “cheese” for new one.

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Many people have immensely benefited from this book. Among them are small business holders, governmental agencies, churches, schools, and also hospitals.  It is a book that has something for everybody, irrespective of age, occupation, gender, or social class. It is exceptionally suitable for group discussion, whereby the group members can try to relate their daily challenges against the ones in the book and try to get solutions. The author's experience from his previous works has built the readers confidence. She is one of the best writers in the world. She has helped people laugh even when they encounter the absurdness of life or while enjoying the life full of successful achievements and stress reduction. It criticizes pessimism and encourages readers to look at the positive side of life, and seize the opportunities.   The challenges presented in the book are experienced in daily life and have an impact on the reader’s life.

Ilene Hochberg has succeeded in delivering her message to the people. The use of real life situation has made sense in convincing that their lives can change no matter how difficult the situation may seem. The book shows that the changes depend on the will of a person. It gives courage to deal with an unplanned event or change without being afraid. The author tries to interpret life situations and show the core of truth to her readers. Ilene Hochberg prompts people to think and analyze all advantages and disadvantages of changes. She uses many rhetorical questions “What would you do if you were not afraid?”. As a matter of fact, many people are afraid to peruse their own interests and dreams. Therefore, people should find circumstances and reasons that prevent them to target all set goals.  Therefore, emotions should not hinder people’s intention to come true their dreams (Ilene Hochberg, 73).

However, welcoming a change is much difficult than the author depicts in the story. This does not suggest I resist the change she is proposing for, but the change should conform to the human nature. It is not easy to accept what comes along the way.

The author's characters choice is excellent. Instead of describing the world and well-being of a high-class, she reflects the surrounding of low-class characters, who are struggling to earn their living. This serves to cover even the most neglected person in society. The author believes that everyone has an ability to find the way out of the problematic situation. Ilene Hoch states that people’s opportunities to overcome problems do not depend on their social status.

Two mice and two little people are living together though in an uncomfortable place. The writer shows different types of behaviors and attitudes to life. Two mice try to solve the problem. They react to the situation and do not stay indifferently. Other characters of the story depend on the surrounding. They do not rely on their actions to improve a situation. This shows that one's attitude towards life is vital in the development.

The book is worth reading.  It illustrates how changes can be accepted, transformed and bring positive results. Analyzing this book, people learn to accept changes. This book is only appropriate for those who are willing to transform their lives. It shows the strength of people’s will. Ilene Hochberg uses different literary devices to be persuasive in her arguments.  The allegory of the story interprets the hidden meanings. The life of animals in the book is similar to people. There are two options: a person strives to survive and do everything possible to solve problems or does nothing in the way of overcoming obstacles. The writer describes emotional world of the characters. She interprets the notions of laziness and ignorance.  It is, therefore, vital to take actions considering problematic issues. This book is useful for young people who have to identify their careers and choose the way in life.  Who Stole My Cheese? is one of the books that help a person to analyze his potential. 

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