There are many messages that are conveyed through the Tale of KIEU. The actions and decisions of the characters in the Tale bring the messages to the reader.  Among the characters who dictate the significance of the story is a man named Thuc Ky Tham. He reveals the theme of inner human weakness and strength. The first instance where we meet Thuc is on page 67 where he is a patron of a brothel. This is the same brothel where Kieu is held. Thuc comes from a well-educated and cultured family. He operates a trading shop thus depicting the character of a hard working man. After learning of Kieu’s beauty, Thuc meets her and within no he falls in love with her. This displays his passionate character.  Thuc not only shares informal sex with Kieu but he also falls in love with her and declares his love. Despite, Kieu’s past, Thuc pursue her love until he earns it and eventually use his cunning character to secure her freedom from the brothel. Thuc’s, father however does no approve of Thuc’s marriage to Kieu and as a matter of fact he takes the two to a court of law. It is in the court scenario that Thuc exposes his weakness through the pain and agony he suffers when he watches Kieu being punished. This agony makes the heart of the Judge lighten ordering the two to get married. On the same point of weakness, Thuc show his weakness when he falls in love again with his first wife Miss Hoan. He is convinced that Kieu is killed in a fire, when a body is found on their burnt down house. Thuc seeks the assistance of a median, who pronounces to him that Lieu is not dead and instead the two would meet after a year. Thuc also portrays inner strength when he devotedly opposes and advices Kieu to escape from the enslavement of Miss Hoan. Trough such an action, Thuc can be viewed as an advocate of peace and freedom.     

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