This is a story of the homecoming of Odysseus who is one of the reputed Greek heroes of the time. His homecoming had been subjected to some delays due to the displeasure of the gods. Finally after ten years he was left to go after choosing to go back to his wife and live as a mortal rather than live in an island with a goddess called Kalypso, who had madly fallen in love with him. One of the notable themes exposed in the Odyssey Homecoming is Loyalty is always rewarded. There are several striking examples of this theme. Key among them is Penelope who faithfully and patiently waited for the return of her husband (Baldwin 81).

Her loyalty and faithfulness is rewarded by the final return of her husband after twenty years. Another example is Eurycleia, Odysseus nurse who remains committed and loyal to Penelope despite the absence of her master. Tememachus also enriches the theme by standing firmly with his father when the suitors came knocking. Tememachus is there to provide the moral support. Eumaeus and Philoetius who are swine and cow herds respectively, show unwavering commitment to their master in the handling of his possession. In addition, Eumaeus speaks positively and respectfully towards the royal family which makes the king proud. He further strongly detests the suitor's invasion (Baldwin 81).

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On the other hand, there are servants who betray their master and become friendly to the suitors. Melanthius and Melantho are in this group. Melanthius extended a friendly hand to the suitors and insulted Odysseus. She further showed contempt to the queen by allowing herself to sleep with one of the enemies (Baldwin 81)

In building this theme we learn that loyalty bears fruit at the end. The servants who showed commitment and loyalty were richly rewarded at the end while those who were spiteful and disloyal received much reproach and punishment from their master. Loyalty attracts a reward while contempt and betrayal will only lead to a painful end.

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