Romance is described as a pleasurable feeling of excitement and the mystery that is often associated with love and it is used to imply an expression love or ones deep emotional desires in connecting with another person. Gatsby is considered romantic because of various reasons. First instance that is an evidence that the Gatsby is considered romantic is the fact that he sacrificed hi life for a woman he loved daisy. Immediately after Jay meeting daisy his making goals was solely centered in getting enough money to enable him have Daisy back in her life just as it was in the past. Jay always head dreams of recapturing what he and Daisy had had in their past lives those five years before he left for the war. The fact that Jay is very obsessed to relive their past romantic love life with Daisy indicates that the relationship that existed between the two was pleasurable and had elements of romance hence Gatsby can be considered romantic.

In addition to that Jays make an effort in arranging for parties that he hopes he might be lucky to see Daisy if he shows over, he is very optimistic that she will come to one of the teas parties despite the slick possibilities. Jay has given daisy very high standards and ideals that she will never attain and this has made him obsessed wither her. Such ideals show that there is a romantic atmosphere which jay holds for Daisy hence proving that he trapped in a world of utopic romance (Curnutt, 2004).
Jay devotes his life to looking for money and accumulates wealth that he believes will impress Daisy and bring her back to his life. Jay drops out of school and engages in criminal activities and selling of drugs to get rich, and he does all these to justify to daisy what he had lied about his background to impress her.

Despite the fact that he comes from a poor background he goes out his way to dream big and do what he possibly can to achieve the just to impress his love daisy, such undying commitment to Daisy show stat jay values love and his willing to do anything to prove his love for daisy and hence a romantic literature.

Gatsby is also considered romantic especially when one considers the scene when he invites daisy over to his house and begins to show her all his shirts that he receives from England, he throws expensive shirts one one by one carelessly '"He took out a pile of shirts and began throwing them one by one before us, shirts of sheer linen and thick silk and fine flannel which lost their folds as they fell and covered the table in a many-colored disarray.". In doing this he tries to portray to daisy that money is of no essence in a truelove hence and this idealist ideas shows the romantic feelings towards the true love of his life daisy Buchanan. Therefore Gatsby can therefore be considered romantic (Bruccoli, 2002).

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Gatsby can also be considered romantic from the fact that he states that he believes that past can be repeated: "Can't repeat the past?" He cried incredulously. "Why of course you can!" He looked around him wildly, as if the past were lurking here in the shadow of his house, just out of reach of his hand." From such stern belief Gatsby shows that he really yearns to restructure his world to resemble the one that existed when she met daisy before the war. Given that Daisy has always been trying to restructure the world for himself according to the imaginations he has created for daisy which are not easy to be attained in a real world. Therefore by gars by entertaining such utopic ideas and believes makes of love and romance makes him to be considered romantic.

Gatsby holds the unrealistic belief that daisy will one day leave Tom for him despite the fact that everybody knows that such will never happen and when Daisy hits and kills Myrtle he is ready and more willing to take the blame for her. Such self less acts done to justify ones love for another are described as being romantic as love is not selfish and involves going an extra mile to show the other that she is really loved even if it means making compromising that affects ones lives. Therefore Gatsby can be described as being romantic. In addition to that jays when advised by Nick to leave the town in order to be save he refuse saying that he could leave Daisy because he beliefs that she needs him ironically she leave town and even never attends his funeral. Everything that jay did in his life after meeting daisy was all directed to his true love daisy. Through out the story Jay therefore appears a romantic hero who is willing to sacrifice even his life just for love he believes in hence he can be considered to be romantic in nature (Bruccoli, 2000).

Finally the idea that Gatsby is love struck and he can't let go his first love even years after parting ways. his memories about Daisy whom she met in the military training before the war as persisted and survive years of hardship and despite the fact that she finds her married to Tom that doesn't seem to bother him because he is very optimistic that the past can be repeated and that she since he has accumulated wealth which he believes could impress daisy, he embarks on anything that he intends to get her back as old times. He organizes tea parties and even gets assistance for reunion with her. He makes sacrifices that re only characteristic of a person in love and hence these actions are romantic in nature and are intended to please his love Daisy hence he can be considered to be a romantic person.

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