An example of the foster home that Rose stayed in was her stepmother’s house. The services she received there were not agreeable. Her stepsister expected her to clean the whole house and take care of the children. Rose’s stepsister only thought of her convenience and did not care about the well-being of other people (Bibb 47). Rose’s stepsister is portrayed as an egocentric person; she is like most people within the society. Rose’s stepmother insisted that she should get married. However, by insisting it, she just attempted to embrace the tradition that any grown woman should get married (Bibb 25).

Talking about the mental health services, the doctor who attended Rose and other patients was rarely available during the week. Additionally, all the doctors were not concerned about the issues such as Rose’s attempt to commit suicide. Even though the doctor was mostly away from the mental health center, Rose could access the relevant services. At the end of her stay at the hospital, Rose appreciated the services she received (Bibb 8).

Question 1 C:

At the hospital, the doctor had sessions with Rose and the rest of the patients. He was concerned with the sickness, but not with the mental instability that Rose was suffering. Rose said that the doctors treated mental instability as an individual problem. These were not acceptable services to the patients. Being healthy encompasses the mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Thus, the physician delivered incomplete healthcare services (Bibb 14).

Welfare services Rose received were insignificant in alleviating her situation. The social workers at the welfare society were extremely careless and less concerned with patients’ conditions. Rose was very desperate and never knew she would succeed in life.

The housing condition was not agreeable. The social workers bestowed with various responsibilities and did not care about the housing conditions of the patients. They were extremely careless and subjected the patients to the environment unfavorable for recovery (Bibb 56).

One of professionals that helped Rose was the family’s psychiatrist. The other professional was the doctor who attended them at the hospital. Rose said that the doctor had positive effects on her life. Before she went to the hospital, Rose had attempted to commit suicide. The doctor helped her to overcome the challenge of rejection from her family and the society (Bibb 67). 

The nurses at the hospital had a negative influence on Rose. In the absence of the doctors, nurses could not give proper medical care to the patients. Unprofessionalism of the nurses exhibited itself through the acts such as cheating the patients. The nurses were treating patients with contempt and disregard. Such an attitude was not acceptable, especially for a nurse whose job is to take reasonable care of the patients. There were only two doctors at the hospital to attend the patients. The doctor who was to attend Rose stayed far from the hospital. He could only manage to visit the hospital twice or once a week. When Rose was diagnosed with mental disorder, the doctors connected everything she did to her mental illness (Bibb 43).

Rose’s mother and father loved the girl during her childhood. They even asked the family psychiatrist to attend Rose when she was suffering from an eating disorder. Stepmother is also a part of Rose’s family. She insists that Rose should get married. However, Rose complained that, “My stepmother kept insisting that I marry him” (Bibb 25). Another member of Rose’s family is her stepsister. Rose expresses the experience she underwent due to her stepsister’s actions, “My stepsister was still always threatening me and coming to see whether the house and the children were clean” (Bibb 47). Rose’s stepsister blamed her almost about everything, because it was easier to blame her than to understand (Bibb 47).

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The romantic and sexual relation of Rose with men proved to be a disaster. Rose underwent a rape ordeal at the age of fifteen years. The rape experience caused her considerable psychological instability and other numerous sufferings. She became mentally unstable because of the rape. The case resulted from the contempt and rejection with which the society was treating her. When doctors diagnosed her with mental illness, all the people around believed that anything she did was due to her mental disorder, even if it was not (Bibb 3).According to the story, Rose’s husband was very loving and caring man. He could remember everything that happened the day he took her to the hospital. Even though she suffered rape at a tender age, Rose eventually married a responsible man (Bibb 12).

Rose’s Story is a story of a woman who repeatedly faces challenges of the social-work system. The book shows the significant need for reforms and revision of policies within the social-work system. It is disturbing that the society has bestowed individuals who are harsh and careless with the responsibility of social workers. The actions of the social workers in Rose’s Story raise doubt about the qualities of a professional social worker. It is difficult to believe that someone would like to work as a social worker to make other peoples’ lives miserable and deny them the services that they require. One realizes that the policies that guide access to proper medical care consistently failed Rose. Rose’s Story shows how economic system uses corporate health care to generate profits by raising insurance premium, straining tax and diminishing public health provision. Even though the problem encompassed many stakeholders in the healthcare sector, including health institutions, individuals with low income and no insurance cover remain vulnerable to various factors within the system. Such is the case of Rose concerning the health institutions she visited. When taking the Rose’s story within the context of its framing, the story is about making use of Rose for a purpose, which is potential to Wanda’s detriment in life. The story illustrates a failure by social institutions to provide necessary services to individuals who require assistance. However, Rose became successful after years of struggling with different illnesses and mistreatment from the welfare and the society (Bibb 84).

In the Rose’s Story, the author portrays Rose as an abused and abandoned child. However, she stubbornly and defiantly became a caring and a loving mother.  In her honest and straightforward style of life and in appreciation of those who have taken an interest in her life, Rose continued her original story revealing events that took place in her life. Discovering the missing facts of her life, Rose describes the frustration and hard work that she has encountered. However, Rose found unexpected benefits relating to the challenges of the social welfare system. Rose, as a unique person, drives an individual to reconsider his or her view on those in need. It makes us to rethink about helping those we may consider undeserving help. Rose’s Story proves that it is necessary to redefine what it means to help people in need (Bibb 85).

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