‘Why am I albino’ is a poem that has been inspired by the suffering of albinos in Africa, especially East Africa, where a significant number of them have been sold and murdered for witchcraft.

Why am I Albino?

Why am I albino?

I don’t hate myself,

But the haters of myself!


Why am I albino?

Because you call me albino,

So, I must know I’m albino.


Why am I albino?

When you think I am wealth,

No! When you hate me like death.


Why am I albino?

When you hurt my skin,

And decant me from the scene.


Why am I albino?

At a time man thirst for my flesh,

At a time his thirst for myself only blush,

At a time my voice is only trash,

Why am I albino?


Why am I albino?

When none want to be by my side,

Why am I albino?

When you think I am not human!

Surely, why am I albino?


The poem ‘Voice of a Darfuri’ tells of the predicaments that the Sudanese from the troubled Darfur region undergo.

Voice of a Darfuri

My heart is arching

From the torment I am facing

I have suffered for long

Though positive am not wrong.

The question always on my lips…

What is my fault in this all?

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As, however, much I try,

I fail to find an answer


Atrocities are committed

Against our mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers,

Against innocent and helpless babies

Whose only crime is being in Darfur?

Being young, old, or helpless, does it matter?

But what is the world doing?

I keep wondering…


You will never understand our fear,

Not knowing when or where the subsequent attack will happen

Not knowing when you will be homeless, motherless, or fatherless

But does anyone care…

I mean really care?

I feel hopeless

I feel helpless

Knowing there’s not much hope…

To keep waiting for international assistance

For all that’s ever happening is talks, talks, and more talks

With no apparent action being taken


Daily we wake up to new fears

That no one pretends to hear

We are bombed, maimed, and killed

Punished for crimes we are not aware.

What is our crime in all this?

I always wonder…


Our only solace lies in knowing

That despite every happening

We will triumph one day

 For no oppressor will forever oppress.

One fine day, it will all end.

I am hoping and waiting.

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