Rachael demonstrates lack of independence at the workplace. She spends better part of her working day catching up with personal news and latest rumors with Neil and her boss while she could have just greeted them, go ahead to concentrate on her work, and later catch up with personal updates and workplace gossip during break time. Secondly, her approach towards junior staff draws mixed reactions since she constantly asks them for work related updates. This is an indication that she is not in touch with events as well as her own team members at the workplace.

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Apparently, Rachael is lazy and poor in planning her activities. She sleeps during working hours and places a note ‘do not disturb’ on her door while entertaining herself with her favorite music. She goes ahead and takes a walk to stretch her legs just a few minutes after stretching herself. In reality, she has been walking up and down in a confused manner hence did not warrant a walk for stretching her legs. 

Finally, Rachael is always the last to leave the office long after every other project team member is gone. During this time, she explores her project schedule and establishes what if scenarios. She works over-time, for approximately one and half hours, yet all these activities could be comfortably done during the day’s activities. Effective time management calls for a good planning, an elaborate work schedule and a commitment to fulfilling work responsibilities.

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