Reward power

Reward power is perhaps the most effective type of power. This kind of power can be referred to as the ability to influence others through the delivery of rewards or benefits. The effectiveness of reward power is as result of double coincidence of wants. When individuals are rewarded either through recognition, a good job assignment, an increased pay or additional resources to complete a specific assignment, they respond to this by complying with orders, requests and directions.

Application of reward power

The type of power that I posses is coercive power. This kind of power can be associated with punishing non-compliance. This kind of power helps me deal with different people who have different character and personalities. I often use this power especially to my juniors to instill some element of fear in them. This has helped them grow to become obedient and have respect for their elders.

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Improving management and leadership skills

One of the best ways to improve my leadership and management skills is by motivating the people under me. This implies that when I make someone feel important, he/she responds by being more than willing to work for me. I can achieve this by consulting them and asking for their opinion on matters that in one way or another involve us. Another way of improving this self esteem is by complimenting them for good performance or outcome.

The other way of improving my leadership and management skills is through disciplining people when they behave contrary to the expectations. However, the type of punishment should be is dependent on a number of factors. I would personally talk to the person who has performed contrary to what I expect in private and try not to embarrass the person. I would then listen to the person's side of the story before weighing options to decide the best form of punishment.

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