Employees in an organization form attitudes about different issues. Some attitudes however are more important than others for example, job satisfaction and organization commitment are more important than attitudes about food at the organization's cafeteria.

Job satisfaction is the extent to which employees find fulfillment in their work.  A satisfied employee demonstrates less absenteeism from work, and is more committed to the organization. On the other hand, a dissatisfied employee tends to be absent from work without a cause. Such an employee is less motivated to work and hence disrupts colleagues and continually looks for a job.

Employees may have negative attitudes about an organization. Such attitudes may be as a result of poor rewards by an organization and lack of job security. This reduces the employees' organizational commitment. Such employees rarely refer to the organization in personal terms as opposed to one who is committed to an organization.  Giving employees big salary increase can change the negative attitude an employee has on the organization especially if the cause of the attitude was poor remuneration. Ensuring employees' job security is also important in ensuring organization commitment. When employees perceive that their promotion possibilities in an organization are slim, then it is obvious that such an employee will start looking for greener pastures.

Team members may have negative attitudes towards a new team member may be because they lack job related experience. However, this might change as the team works together and the members realize that the new member has rich talent. Negative attitude toward other people in the organization may affect the working of work teams and hence reducing group productivity.

Employee's attitude on organization, the job and people should be properly addressed if an organization is to succeed. Employers should be keen on addressing anything that affects employees' organization commitment and job satisfaction. Negative attitudes that affect organization commitment and job satisfaction mainly involve job security and remuneration. Increasing remuneration and improving job security boosts job satisfaction and organization commitment which are very crucial for an organization.

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Behaviour in organization, Group Processes And Work Teams

A group is two or more individuals who are relate with each other through social relationship. Work processes basically refer to what happens in a group in terms of development and evolution of patterns of relationships between and among members of a work team. These processes include norms, relations effect of behavior, and need to belong.  When these group processes are affected the group is affected too. For example, the process of becoming a part of a group usually causes anxiety and even involves some degree of stress. This does not only affect the person joining the group but also the entire group. The group experiences some changes as it has to accommodate the new member. Group processes develop from interaction of group members.

Group processes are crucial for group performance. Every team leader must develop and maintain unambiguous conception of both the primary task of the group and the way to achieve it (Greenberg, 1994).he should also be able to clearly differentiate between processes that are work oriented and those that avoid work.  It is only when the team leader is able to do this that a group or a work team can perform well and increase organization productivity. The process of

Work teams are work groups which are assigned with tasks as a group of individuals as other than to single individuals. Therefore work teams become units of performance and associated group controls and rewards must follow (Greenberg, 1994). For work teams to work efficiently, they must be motivated by requiring the member to use variety of higher level of skills, meaningful work with evident outcomes. The outcomes should be able to make significant changes in the lives of other people. The group should also give individual members autonomy.

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