This has to do with basically the way managers at Dell Inc generally interact with employees and behave to achieve the organization's goals. It is not practically possible to separate the good performance of an organization from the performance and social well-being of its workers (Hoskisson et al, 2009). ¨At Dell there exists a very good relationship between the employees and management. This enables both the organization and the employees to achieve the set goals and objectives. For this kind of a scenario to arise, management at Dell find it necessary to have a virtuous-spiral kind of a relationships, where by they value and reward their workers. This is one of the ingredients of making employees to be fully committed to good performance.

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Dell is committed and dedicated to creating a kind of working environment where both the employees and management genuinely value and respect each other. ¨It's important that each and every organization develops their own leadership brand. Although several characteristics could be critical in as far as to strengthening an organizations leadership brand is concerned and also making it more effective, for instance being in apposition to spot and hire Potential Leaders, having regular scrutiny and assessing of managerial Performance and behavior (Skinner, 1997). ¨Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Inc is a good example when it comes to what good management is all about. Michael Dell believes that by doing direct sells of personal computers, the company will their staff know more about the nature of their customers and their needs and hence be in a better position of providing effective computing machines to meet their needs.

Dell's leadership style is unmatched in the sense that they have a lot of influence on their workers and they make them strictly adhere to the organizations culture and values. For example, the hiring process is taken very seriously particularly for new top level managers. ¨The incoming mangers are subjected to different types of training and experiences the moment they get hired by Dell. They are taken to class where they meet senior most executives who talk to them about managerial habits behaviors and basically how Dell Inc, works as organization. Michael Dell, in his training he emphasizes on Dell's culture, how different sectors and departments are run and also how to sustain Dell as a brand of effective leadership and  management.

The types of people who work at the company varies a lot. At Dell the demographic description of some important personnel categories is as follows: a.Manufacturing and Logistics. This by and large comprise of people with the technical know how on how to innovatively come up with new solutions for the company for instance software designers and Ph.D. research scientists in matters electronics (Forshaw et al, 2006). b.Engineering .At Dell, it's believed that every product produced should be tasted before being released to the market, every product or solution produced by Dell is always worked on by a host of talented brains. Engineering people play a very big role in logistics and operations, storage support, in software creation and development and in architecture and also in quality assurance too.

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