High performance is a point where the management feels both satisfied with the conduct of the employees as well as its position in the market. Throughout its operations, the organization aims at implementing strategies that will facilitate its performance. The paper highlights some of the measures that can be employed by the organization to experience the desired results. It also mentions some of the key issues of management that should not be taken for granted especially when dealing with clients and employees.

Developing high Performance Workings


Developing a high performance system has become essential for every business organization. This is due to the rising competition that gives clients a wide variety of products to choose. Even though many organizations are aware of the importance of developing high performance among their staff, they lack the correct procedures to implement the same. The procedures they employ are bound to fail especially if they did not identify the basic needs of their performance. It is important for a company to take time before venturing into a high performance strategy. Most managers make assumptions basing on what worked for other organizations and hence loosing on the focal of their organization. It is necessary to carry put a comprehensive research that will take the management exactly what is needed for their organizations so that they employ the right strategies. In this paper, we are going to focus on how a company can identify an effective high performance system and apply it for high productivity.


In this research, we will look at some of the strategies that can be employed by an organization to ensure an effective high performance system. The criterion that will be used for the study is to find out the kind of services that the organization is involved and how it has been performing in the recent past. A comparison will also be made on a number of companies that deal in similar activities and how they developed their system. We will identify some of the various high performance strategies that are employed by top companies and the various factors that make their systems to work out for them or not. This is not for the aim of advocating such a system to be employed by other companies but to borrow some hints that can be applied in developing a similar one for the organization. It should be noted that a high performance system would not always work even for companies that deal in the same products. Many other factors have to be considered. They include the size of the organization, the period it has been in the market, its share in the market, the number of companies dealing in similar products, its objectives and the kind of workforce that they have (Sheard, 2009). It should be noted that despite the number of companies that may be involved in a similar production line, they defer in some of the factors that have been mentioned above.

Knowledge on the Subject

Developing high performance means having a strategy that will motivate employees towards high productivity and at the same time attracting customers towards the products of the company. They are the inbuilt strategies that will ultimately make the employees to perform without the need of pushing them around. The same strategy will pull customers to the products of the company where by much persuasion will not have be involved. This does not only come from investing much in seminars and training but rather creating an environment that will influence high performance. It is more about the management system that is employed rather than what is expected from employers. The working environment has the ability of making or destroying employees. It is up to the management to have objectives that they will not only train their employees to follow but be able to personally follow it. Appropriate leadership skills are usually imparted through practice rather than imposing. Training employees to be self-driven by understanding their value in the organization will enhance their working ethos and hence minimizing on the need of strict supervision. Customers will also be attracted to the products of the company once they are assured to obtain what they need, at the correct time and in correct form.

My Focus

My focus on this paper is to identify some of the assumptions made by the management in developing a high performance system and how it affects their organizations. Most managers want to appear strict by imposing orders on their subordinates with the hope that they will gain respect. They fail to different on whether the employees have developed a fear towards them or are respecting them. This mainly causes the working environment to be full of tension as employees behave in a way to entice their managers. The results here will be that there will be a lot of quantity work that has no quality. This also denies employees the opportunity to develop their skills by doing what they feel is right without restrictions. Employees want an environment that recognizes their value by allowing them to participate in the decision making process of a company as well as working in a free environment (Jones & Beyerlein, 1999). To much supervision and strictness on how employees spent their time at work reveals that the management has no confidence in their employees and hence requiring strict supervision.

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High performance does not mainly depend on the frequent seminars that the management may take their employees through. Unless the employees are meant to understand the objectives on the company and see the same being employed by the managers, no number of seminars may be adequate enough to develop high performance in the organization. The management needs to set up an influential environment where by employees are self driven and basically ready to participate in making the decisions of the company. It should be an environment that recognizes the fact that its employees are well capable of handling the issues that are brought to them. The management must let the employees know tat the growth of the company depends largely on them and hence motivating them into high productivity (Mink & Owen, 1993). There is usually a change in attitude when an employee knows that he is part of the development of the organization or when he is there to earn a living.

For a company that deals directly with customers, they are meant to serve them with a positive attitude to attract them. This is an attitude that has to be built within them through personal practice and general conduct. Employees need to show a desire to help by creating a welcoming environment. When employees enter in the organization for their services, they should be net with enthusiastic people who are ready and willing to serve them. No assumption should be made concerning a client that should determine how they are treated. Most companies have the tendency of showing respect to a certain category of clients that seem to have a bigger share in the company. They do this at the expense of the many other clients whose combined input contributes more to its performance.

There is also the aspect of the environmental set up of the organization that contributes to its performance. Even though such an issue is usually taken for granted, the environmental set up displays a particular mood that will affect both the employees and clients. This has to do with how the office is arranged and how the gardens are taken care of. An environment will display safety, while the other that has not been taken good care of displays insecurity and fear. As the management aims at improving on its personnel, they should also consider enhancing their environmental look out that will make employees long to work in it. The management may also consider changing the appearance by rearranging the offices and introducing new flowers in the gardens. This will make the environment to look new and hence minimizing on the boredom that comes with monotony.

Transfers, promotions, and salary increments may also have positive implications in developing high performance. This should however be done with keenness so as not to make a certain category of employees feeling left out or discriminated in the process. The management should make a point of appreciating its employees for the good performance or for simply remaining loyal to the organization. This may be dome by having a procedure through which they determine how effective each employee has been. By appreciating them for their specific contributions like, the best customer care employee, most effective department and the likes, it will make employees raise their target levels with the hope of being appreciated some day. Salary increments and promotions should however not be the main means through which employees are appreciated. They may be given a sponsorship for a seminar or a family holiday. Gifts, barges and trophies may also be awarded on a yearly basis to the deserving employees (Williams, 2004).


The paper has covered a number of issues that have to be considered by the management in developing high performance. It has been realized that it is more about the internal factors tat determine how the employees will be motivated as well as attracting clients. Apart from the need of leading through giving directions that should be followed by the staff, the management needs to be exemplary leaders who will show employees what to do. There is also the need for the staff to be given an environment that will challenge them to participate in making decisions for the organization. The customer care staff should also be a people that are trained to have a positive and friendly attitude at all times to attract customers. They should be willing to help and avoid any form of discriminatory behavior. The working environment also has a lot to tell about the attitudes and moods that the work force will have. A boring and monotonous environment is likely to make employees tired and less psyched for work. Both the offices and the outside environment should be welcoming to both the clients and employees of the company. A change in the garden setting can be a way of creating a newer place.

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