At this time of globalization, America as a country has faced complex challenges especially to cope up with the rising crime rate in the world targeted to its people. This has necessitated to ensure that it determine the course of action to ensure it build sources of strength in the years to come. This is through influencing and shaping its previous internal and international strength to ensure that it is capable to overcome seen and unseen security challenges. After the era of cold war ended, it ushered another era of globalization which saw business across the globe expand. There is always flow of people in and out of the country on daily basis. New war has developed from ideology war, religious, ethnicity as well as the most menace one nuclear war. Therefore, due to the technology that has risen very fast, it necessitate fast and firm emergency management program to be put in place.

The dark side of this globalization hit America in September 11, 2001 that ensured that emergency management program should be put in place as fast as possible. The government realized that waging physical war for example the one that was there to curb A-Qaida group was not the best method. Therefore, they required a prior preparation of such episodes as the one that happened on 11 September 2001. Therefore, they came up with Homeland Security (White House, 2010).
Homeland Security is a term that is more an umbrella term signifying the security effort in protection of United State against terrorism. The national efforts that are encompassed in this umbrella are prevention measure of U.S against terrorist attacks, reducing its vulnerability against terrorism as well as minimizing damage that these attacks that may bring forth if they happen to occur.

Problem statement

Due to increased globalization that ha brought about technology and open exposure to the security of America, there is need to check on the way the government responded towards this. It is through this research that different methods of emergency management plan and program will be put into light to give way for further research and recommendation.

Justification of the research

After looking at the attack that happened on 11 September 2001, the research is viable to ensure that American people know the fate of their security. This research is also justified by the National Security Strategy that was laid in place on May 27 2010. This strategy lays advanced American interest that include people's security, growing economy, support of the values and the international order that is concurrent with this research.

Aims and objective

The aim of the project is to come up with what the government of America through Homeland security has done to ensure the security of the American people is guaranteed now and in the future. The objective of the research is to ensure that all the people understand and take part in the evaluation of their country security status through dissemination of emergency management program and Homeland Security purposes and the way they work. They will also form a platform to make their views on how to better the program through their active participation through different methods that will be applied in data taking and analysis.

Research questions

What are the American national security strategies?
What is their effectiveness?
What can be done to improve the emergency security program?
Types of hypotheses
The null hypothesis

Due to the tragedy of September 11 2001, it shows that it the emergency security program that the government has come with it is more pronounced to curb present and future challenges. This is through being sensitive of the technology that is so rampant nowadays as well as making sure that the trend of the globalization that makes the country interrelationship with other country is monitored very much. Involvement of other countries in fighting of terrorism can be another positive way that shows that America is still at per in winning the terrorism battle. Different methods that ranges from use of diplomatic method as well as promotion of physical and social infrastructure may be a possible way to curb completely insecurity in the country and worldwide.

Alternative hypothesis

Due to globalization, terrorist has been in a position to access the roots in which the American government are using to fight them. Through the online communication, they are able to read and see the security system in the country that poses danger of them devise more pronounced method to propagate their terrorism ideas. Therefore, as much as the government of US comes up with ideas to protect their people, more technical method to counter that can be devised therefore not getting to their objectives.

The other ways that the terrorist can use to avenge the war is through attacking the diplomacy of the US in other countries as the Homeland Security and emergency security program works within the country more than in other countries. Therefore, failure of some country to support Americans in the process of curbing terrorism internationally may get their whole program in jeopardy.

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Literature review

The function of the federal government in America is to ensure that the people are safe. It is therefore their paramount responsibility to ensure that the value of the people is upheld as they are protected. Therefore, through the presidential help, homeland security is put in place to ensure that terrorist threats and ensure prepare emergency plan and strong response recovery ( 2010). Therefore, the following national security strategies have been laid to ensure that the national security has been assured to the people.

Financial support

To ensure that the terrorism and national security is ensured in the country, American government has laid a financial disbursement strategy of $5 billion (Waugh, 2003). This will be assistance to the shared security partners. The finance will be used to enhance the ability of the partners own security and work by updating their equipment. The partners will ensure that they help American government fight the terrorism worldwide. The effectiveness of these strategies is that the government will have ensured that their security across borders is ensured. They are capable of getting intelligence in other countries therefore reducing the capability of the terrorism to happen across the world and in their country particularly.

Strengthening Bio and nuclear security

According to Waugh, 2006, use of nuclear weapon, biological weapons and outbreak of deadly diseases are great threats in the national security of America. Several strategies have been put in place to counter this. They include, enhancing the nuclear detection by use of the latest technology. It is also very important that the security of the nuclear plant in the country be increased. This is through well-planned, completely rehearsed plans for coordinated emergency response. There is a plan also to ensure that there is capability to suppress or otherwise diminish the effects that are brought up by chemical, nuclear, biological as well as radiological accidents. This is through installation of detective devices that will arrest the situation before it causes hazard and security risk to the people.

Another important aspect is ensuring that the decision makers pertaining the security of the people and the country at large are equipped by the necessary materials to respond towards any danger (Osu.eduCR. 2002). For example by managing a certain disease outbreak, smooth link between the healthcare providers, public health agencies and the hospital should be put in place. Another important strategy is building American unparalleled talent and working with international partnership to ensure that creation of new drugs, vaccines and diagnostic test are put in place.  The effectiveness of this strategy is that it will offer quicker and more efficient method to respond to emergencies. They will also ensure that other resources from international companies will be tapped to help raise their emergency security program.

Improvement of intelligence capacity and information sharing

The American country has put in place a firm strategy to ensure gathering, analyzing and sharing effectively of vital intelligence is done to ensure their security. Through strengthening intelligence by identifying and interdicting the collaborators of terrorist, the country will have prevented national threats especially against terrorism. The information that will be gathered through the intelligence will be analyzed and shared. This will be made possible by investing in the analytical capabilities and increasing the capability of sharing this analyzed intelligence in all levels of the government. Privacy and civil rights of America will also not be compromise in expense of sharing this intelligence but will be ultimately be upheld.

The effectiveness of this strategy lays in the capacity information will bring to the country. Through effective use of the analyzed information, the government will be able to put strategy long before any potential hazard happens. Ensuring a secure global digital information and communications infrastructure. As the country of United State is based strongly its strength and vital economic, public safety, infrastructure as well as national security in cyberspace technology, is therefore important to ensure it is safe especially in this globalized world (Godschalk, 2003).. This is because; most of the global digital infrastructure is based on internet. This is makes it not resilient enough to succumb the future challenges. Therefore, to ensure that cyberspace is protected effectively, strong human resource, vision and good leadership is required to ensure that changes are effected in policy governing cyberspace, improve technology, education and laws that govern it. The strategy will be effective, as policies that are more firm will be put in place that will counter the emergencies. Strong upholding of technology as well as education strategy will ensure that information as well as communication is done in a more private manner thus ensuring civil rights and security of the people.

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