Group evaluation process helps in analyzing group’s activities. Members of a given group are required to cooperate effectively in order to achieve the set goals. However, some members tend to sit back and leave the others to carry the load. In such cases, the group is likely to fail. In addition, criticisms are likely to arise as some members feel as if they are left out in the process of making critical decisions affecting the group.

Every member is supposed to assume a given role. This facilitates team work and achievement of the goal. Work should be shared among the members of the group. When roles are shared, a sense of self identification is achieved (Marquis and Huston, 2003). In our case, we shared the assignment among the six members where each was required to research on a given theory. In addition, leaders emerge from within the group who plays vital role in group processes. Therefore, we chose one of us to be the overall in delegating duties and ensuring that each member participates.

A group may develop out of the need to achieve a certain objective. Normally a group moves through different stages of development. Forming is the first stage that involves members coming together and learning about each to create a friendlier working environment. The group then moves to the storming stage that involves where members share their concerns and similarities (Marquis and Huston, 2003). The third stage involves norming. This is where the group members determine how the group is going to carry its activities. All members were required to come up with a theory that will constitute the final paper. The final stage involves performing. At this level, problems are solved, tasks performed where effort is put to accomplish the task. Members shared their ideas on the topic under discussion.

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The major function of a group is to achieve the set goal for the benefit of every member of the team. In this case, the six group members aimed to finish the assignment before the due time. Some of the dysfunction of a group arose when members failed to cooperate. Some members alienated themselves from others because of certain differences (Bessie & Carol, 2003). However, the group leader intervened to solve the difference in view points among the members. More often than not, some members may feel inferior (Marquis and Huston, 2003). This arises in case their opinions are highly criticized by other members. Thus, we had to ensure that all ideas presented were evaluated by all members before anything was criticized.

The group experienced several problems. Some emanated from within the group whereas others from the environment. Internal problems arose due to lack of commitment among the group members (Bessie & Carol, 2003). In this case, this made it hard for us to achieve the goals of the group within the time framework stipulated.  Environmental problems also arose from within the institution where we were carrying out the assignment such as research. For instance, we had limited access to the resources required to accomplish the project. Problems within a group set up can be addressed by developing a conducive working climate that favors every member. All members should be treated equally. This should be the ultimate role of the group leader.

As an individual and a member of the group, I contributed effectively towards achievement of the group project. I played an active role in ensuring that every member was satisfied and fully informed with the group’s activities (Marquis and Huston, 2003). It was my duty to ensure that all members participated actively in completing the part that one was assigned. This highly affected the group process. We successfully finished the assignment on time. Thus, positive outcome was realized as our paper was of high quality. In addition, the needs of every member were fully represented.

Team building can be improved by ensuring that the needs of all members are addressed. In this case, the leader should be supportive. Group decisions should be made collectively. All opinions and point of view of all members should be given a fair consideration. This will help to optimize group processes in future.

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