Project management refers to organizing, planning, managing and securing resources so as to achieve specific goals. A project requires sources such as money, time, people and materials and it has budget limits. The required budget of Manage Your Health, Inc. is $200000. The purpose of projects is to develop programs with the help of Information Technology.

This essay will focus on discussing the recreation and wellness intranet project of Manage Your Health, Inc (MYH) which is to be established after six months. The essay will include a requirements traceability matrix and testing and training as part of the project scope.

Requirements for Traceability Matrix

Project Name: Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project

Project Manager Names: Tony Prince






6 months


All staffof MYH and other people outside the organization.


Soccer, walking, bowling and softball materials.


Ensure all employees register for classes and programs.  

Project Scope Statement

Template Name


Application Software

File Name

Training requirements

Sports materials such balls.


Training doc.

Training cost




Training cost doc.

Testing management

Planning Executing  



Testing management doc and xls

Project Quality management

Quality planning


Quality management doc.

Project risk management

Planning on risk management and Perform quantitative and qualitative risk management



Risk management doc and xls.

Project communications department

 Plan communications and look for new members


Communications dept. doc

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Work Breakdown Structure






Start of the project

Within  6 months

To be started

Members led by Tony


Signing of project charter

Within  6 months

To be signed



Signing of membership contract

Within  6 months

To be signed



Completion of scope statement

Within  6 months

To be completed



WBS completion

Within  6 months

To be completed




Strategy for scope verification and change control for the project

It is always good to verify projects. Project scope verification is essential. To verify projects four inputs to the project are important. These inputs are deliverables, WBS dictionary, Project Scope Management Plan and Project Scope Statement. Deliverables is essential inputs in projects. They are used to compare the project scope statement and to ensure that the projects are correct and true. WBS dictionary provides definitions for deliverables and for every component used in the project. Project scope statement describes the scope of the project and included in the scope of the project are major deliverables.

One of the major keys in the project process is to have members participate. Techniques and tools that can be used to verify project scope include signing of documentation of acceptance, reviewing of current work results and deliverables, measuring, examining and testing of the projects.

A scope that is fulfilled theoretically is a complete project. For the projects to be verified the deliverables have to be accepted, and the corrective actions have to be recommended.




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