When we say proactive planning we mean that a business should have a way of being prepared to deal with any emergency that arises. Such kind of planning should be developed when the organization is at its initial stage. This is important since the business will be ready for any complications that may arise. The PR should be able to come up with ways that are not on the initial strategy that are in the company. They should able to analyze and help prepare in case of any emergency that might occur in the company.

There are several feedback mechanisms that can be used to develop proactive planning. Use of polls to determine the options that the business has is one way. Both the positive and the negative feedbacks should be considered. This helps in enable the business to know what the community thinks of the company. They analyze the results and assimilate what they think would be best for the company.

Survey is another way of a feedback mechanism. We can use the place of the business to conduct a survey. We can ask the workers what they think of the organization by use of means like the questionnaires. This way you are able to determine the pros and con's of the business and takes the necessary measures. This will help in taking precautions and be ready for any problem that may arise.

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An effectual way of deploying this service is by implementing what was researched in tie of the crisis. You should have prepared in advance so when a problem arises you know what to do. Another way is by taking the necessary actions to be able to solve the problem at hand so that the business continues on smoothly.

An ineffectual way of deploying this service is by being able to avoid the situation. This is a poor way to deal with a problem because it poses a threat to a business and may lead to the closure of the business. Poor communication is also another way of ineffectual way of deploying. Communication is really necessary when there is a problem in the business. Proactive crisis management plan is needed when the company is in a crisis to be able to solve a problem.

Reactive crisis management is used when the problems that were anticipated occur. PR plays a really major role since it's the one that acts as the communication medium of the organization. The way the PR handles the situation determines the continuation of the business.

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