Focusing on the recruitment of employees, the management and to direct the workers of an organization, human resource management should understand the diversity in the work place, the key issues associated with it and mostly how to use the diversity to benefit the firm. They should take affirmative action before coming up with a strategy to use the diversity to the benefit of the firm.

Affirmative action focuses mainly on the employees’ quantity of diversion in a firm while; on the other hand, diversity manages the quantity of diversity in an organization. The more diversion in the firm the better, diversion holds the key for the firm’s survival in today’s competition (Adekol & Sergi, 2007). Diversion does not necessarily mean how people perceive themselves, it also how they perceive and relate to others.

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If the employees feel that they are appreciated and also they have been given the opportunity to table their ideas and contribute to the firm, then the organization appreciates cultural diverse in the workforce. Managing a firm has its challenges let alone a firm that its employees are from a different culture. The managers have to be skilled and flexible on the changes that do occur in the world (Fairholm, 1994).

The managers face challenges when trying to cope with the diversity. With the diversity, things like dress code, office appearance, office etiquette, how to address the employee’s and still manage to maintain the image of the firm can be rather challenging. To maintain diversity, it would be advisable for the organization to organize for a training session. This way they would learn of different culture and appreciate them. The leaders have to ensure with the difference between people background and culture, they do not become rivals but rather learn to appreciate the diverse cultures. If anyone tries to over look another employee, then action should be taken.

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