Conflict is a situation whereby two or more parties disagree because of clash views and values that they cherishes differently, and direction that each of the party wants to take differently. The concept of conflict management assumes a process undertaken in facilitating peace in a social conflict within an organisation or between different parties. There are various methods of resolving conflicts, which are mediation, negotiation, diplomacy, and peace building. The main potential situations, or risk areas of conflicts in organizations is miscommunication, jealousy, discrimination, personal stress, and incompetency of some employees. In addition to this, negotiation is the most appropriate and effective conflict resolution method.

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Negotiation is the dialogue that usually occurs between two or three conflicting people (parties) for the main reason of reaching a common understanding. The main essence of negotiation in an organisation is to ensure that the two groups of conflict that are under controversy rejoin together. Negotiation usually deploys the virtues so that the different aspects that separate the two individuals would assist resolve the existing problem. Therefore, negotiations are to benefit both parties and in obtaining a common stand in the organisation (Zartman, 2008).

The two parties in a conflict can decide to meet, and discuss the factors that affect the relationship. Each of the two sides can choose a representative, who will give a brief summary of the conflict differences. The two groups share the resolving ideas in order to ensure that they are well-versed with their views. After this, they make a common agreement aimed to ensure that the two rivals are okay with the decision made. Negotiation is the common conflict solving method used to ensure that both opponents become well satisfied with the conclusion obtained.

In conclusion, conflicts are part of human nature of dealing with competition. However, the recommendation is to apply nonviolent method in any peacemaking process.

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