Promoting a team culture is essential for every organization to function efficiently and effectively in order for it to be successful. The IT department in the Marie food company is rated 9 out of 10. The it department is rated at 9 because the team members worked on the agreed goals, were committed and worked as a team in a way that they were able to enjoy a common experience in realizing their set goals. The IT team is also in a position to explore, discuss and resolve various issues that are related to their roles in the organization effectively and then apply these on their work.

The team leaders need to improve the agreed goals, team commitment, solidarity and synergy by putting the goal agreement as their first priority as this will help the team to have a deep sense of vision and a common purpose that is shared among all the team members in addition to creating strong team effectiveness in a way that strong internal processes are put in place that enable coordinated efforts which may include open communication, decision making, flexibility, shared values and trust. Also the team leaders can empower the team leaders as this will make them to perform their roles in connection with the set goals in addition to putting into use the personal and the collective power. Also when the team leaders set the goals that are agreed by all the team members, they will have passion in a manner that they will handle the agreed goals with high levels of energy, confidence and excitement and have a commitment for the purpose of the team and the organization at large which will result into the team accomplishing the set goals in an outstanding results achieved based on the set standards.

The IT team department in the Marie food has been working efficiently until recently when a new CEO joined the organization thus making the goals and objectives not being clearly defined, understood and agreed on by all team members and expectations of the team as a result individual members are no longer clear and understood thus ma king the team members not to feel part of the organization, lack the passion to accomplish their set roles, not to discuss issues and resolve them as they no longer under the goals of the organization and also because there is no agreed goal.

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In order for the new CEO to bring the team in the organization back on its track and to make sure the team achieves what they have set to achieve, he/she must explain to the employees the goals and the objectives of the organizations so that they all have a common agreement that will make them to work towards achieving the same. In addition, the management process should be improved in order to maximize the effectiveness of the team in such a way that the members are in a position to understand the roles they play and their contribution towards the success of the company as this will make them feel motivated.

For team members to work effectively and efficiently for the success of the organization, the team members need to motivated in such a way that there is alignment of the aims, purpose and values between the staff, teams and the organization itself as this is the best platform for motivation. Furthermore team motivation can be established when misunderstanding s, prejudices, insecurities, division ns, territories, barriers and hierarchies are broken down as this will make the team members to work and unite together when they work towards a common goal even if their roles are diversified.

In addition the team members are usually in a position to develop new roles when work as a team. This is because new tasks are broken down into various stages in a way that clear instructions are provided, there is demonstrated practice and time and space created for making mistakes and adjustments to improve the same.

In addition the team in the IT department of the Marie food company enables creativity and decision making process. In that, there is creativity that initiates crucial capabilities for the effectiveness of the organization. The team has contributed to the success of the organization in that the members were  free to be initiative, creative, innovative and also in a position of finding various ways of doing things better without being told or following the laid down  instructions. Furthermore, the team members to be efficient and realize the set goals in the organization, the team need to be able to take part in new challenging and stimulating roles that will enable them to creatively solve problems that do occur in their specialized areas and the organization as a whole.

In conclusion, in most cases team members are motivated by growth and extra responsibilities and this makes the organization to benefit as the members are focused on the on the agreed goals and objectives and thus steer their energy towards the same achievement. For instance the team in IT department of the Marie food company had a more detailed and clarified expectation and process thus the reason for their success.

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