In  the  recent  past,  there  has  been  a need  for  each  and every organization to be  very  keen  in ensuring  that there  are prominent  persons  who  can  drive  the  entire force of the  organization  in question  and ensure  that  the  activities  of the  organization  do succeed. To succeed in this, there must be efficient management team in that organization. This essay aims  at discussing in  details  how  the  concepts  of  principles  and  practices  of  management  can  be  used or  rather  applied   in  an  organization  to  ensure  that  there good  quality of  services  offered   by  that  organization as  well as  ensuring  the  performance   of the entire organization  is  at  per  with the  corporate   goals  of the  entire  organization. In as far  as  managing  quality  and performance  is  concerned,  the  concepts  of  management  must  be  taken  into  account  and  in this  regard,  it  is  worth  mentioning  that  this  essay  will  give  an  introductory  part  regarding  management.

Management refers to  the  process  which  entails  activities  which are  not  limited  to  getting  people  together  in  an  organization  or  any  other   form  of business  with  the  sole  idea  of getting  the  goals  of the  organization  to be  completed. To do this, the organization's resources much be used efficiently and effectively. It's also worth mentioning that the process of managing an organization comprises of organizing, leading, planning, staffing as well as controlling   entities or a group of people   so  as to  achieve  the  objective  of  that  particular  organization.  Resourcing  in  this  context can  be  used  to mean the  manipulation which  is  done  by  the  management  to  the  employees or workers and other  resources in the organization  that are  key in  coming  up with a strategy to of accomplishing  the  desired organizational  goals and  objectives.


Since  management  for  quality  is applied to  an organization, it is important at this  juncture to define  what an  organization is  before  embarking  on  the  discussion  as far as this  essay is  concerned. An organization can be  defined  as  an  arrangement which is social  based  and  has  the aim  of achieving  goals  collectively. It is  critical  to note that the  said  organization  do control the  performance  of it  employees and also is  separated   from  the environment  by  the  boundary. Managing for quality and  performance  excellence  in anyone  organization  calls for  the  concepts  of  management to  be  applied  to the  scenario  in  context and that the  reason why  it  worth  looking  at the  functions  of management. The first function of  management  is  controlling.

This  means  that   taking  the  corrective  action after checking and  noticing  an  error is essential  so that the  planned goals  or rather objectives  do  not deviate  from the  initially set standards (Roy and Lindsay, 2001). This  ensures  that  the  set  corporate objectives can  be  achieved  in the  desired  manner. In summary therefore  as far as  control function in management  is  concerned,  of essence  is to   measure   the  real  performance  against  the  set  standards  and  correcting  if  anything wrong is  detected.

Organizing  on  the  other   hand   encompasses  the  process  of  using  set  policies  or rules  to  rearrange  the  tasks  and  resources . In organization management, it involves  allocating  the  available  resources   to  the  identified  tasks  so  that such  tasks  can be  completed as planned  initially. Since  each and  every   organization has  got  its  objectives   to  achieve ,  organizing  in  this  context  involves  ensuring  the  success of the  achievement of  the  organizational  goals. This may encompass the organization harmonizing corporate objectives with the goals of each and every employee.

Staffing  on  the  other hand as  a  function of  management involves  activities   related  to hiring  recruiting ,  and fair  selection of  the  employees  in  an  organization. This  ensures that  each  and every department of  the  organization  get the  employees  or the  staff who  are qualified  to that particular post .This  way it very  easy to  ensure   that there is  quality services  offered by such employees.

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Planning is also another function of management which is very critical as it involves arrangement of activities required to achieve corporate goals as well as assigning resources to such activities. Planning therefore is a predetermined procedure of ensuring completion of desired goals and objectives. It  can  be  defined  as  the   blue  print  of  how  an organization can  achieve  its  objectives. This function  of  management  ensures that the quality  and  performance  is  adhered to  in  an  organization and therefore  quality  services  as  well  as  good  performance  in an organization is  realized.  Finally among the management functions  is  the leading  function which  entails the  process  of making  sure that the  employees  are  willing  to  accomplish  various  tasks  in an organizations without  being forced  to do  it. This  contributes  immensely  to the  quality  and performance  of  the employees since they can  easily learn  to accomplish  their assignments  without pressure from their  immediate bosses.

In  as  far as  this  discussion is concerned  of  essence  is  management  of  quality   as well  as how  this   quality management can be  applied  to  the work force  in  an organization. To  this far  the  reader  of  this  essay  will  be   in a position to  comprehend  the  discussion since  the basics  of management  has been highlighted (Evans  and  Lindsay, 2005).The  reader of this essay  is  therefore supposed  to understand  that  the  same concepts are   used  in quality  management as it  is discussed here. Total quality  management  which is  also known as  management  of  quality  can be  defined  as  the process of overseeing  tasks  as  well  as  the activities  so  as  to sustain  the  required  level of  quality,  standards  or excellence. This  may  involve developing  and  also  implementing  quality assurance  not  forgetting  control and  improvement  of  quality. To  ensure  that  there  is  quality  in  an  organization, it is  important  for  an organization to apply the  following management principles  which  can  be  used  by  the  management to  ensure  that there  is  improved  quality  as well as  performance.

Focus on the customer: This  calls  for  an  organization  finding out the  requirements  of both internal  and  external   customers .After  doing so,  the organization  should  now  focus  on  ensuring the established requirements  are met as well as trying  to  exceed  these  needs. To sustain this it's worth establishing both current and future needs of the customers.

Leadership :This  again  calls  for the management  to  unite and direct  employees  in  achieving  quality corporate goals .

Involvement of people: This principle in as  far as  quality management in  an organization is  involved  calls  for ensuring  that employees are  involved in making decisions regarding the  key decisions  of  an organization (Bovee et al., 2005). This contributes immensely to the motivation of the employees and hence quality in the organization is realized in an organization.

Process approach: A process can be established in an organization in management of  the resources as well as  the established tasks. This increases the chances of realizing the desired results.

System approach to management: This as a principle of quality management calls for understanding and identifying as well as management of all the related processes as a system. By doing so, it is possible for an organization to attain quality corporate objectives.

Continuous improvement: This is another principle which the management team of a particular organization can use to realize quality. Of essence here is to oversee that there is constant improvement of the performance of the entire organization.

Factual approach to making decisions related  to the organization: To ensure that every decision made  in an  organization can propel  organization in  achieving its  objective,  it is important  for the  management to constantly ensure that  decisions made  are  based on properly or rather well analyzed data and  information  to avoid  coming up with misleading decisions (Russell, 2003).

Maintaining relationship between the organization and the supplier:  Since the supplier and organization rely on each other, it is important to maintain such mutual relationship since this increases the ability of adding value to the organization.

It  worth  mentioning that the  above principles forms  the  foundation of  quality  management in  an organization and if  they are  followed to the latter, it easy  for an organization to realize improved excellence.


This  essay  aimed at discussing  the  management  of quality in an organization and this has been preceded  by  a  brief  introduction of the  of what constitutes management as  well as  the  functions  of management. The concepts  of  quality management has  been  discussed as  well as  the  eight principles  of  managing  quality in  an  organization discussed. There exist many methods of improving quality in an organization. They do concentrate  on  the process improvement, product improvement as well as  improvement  which based  on the  people  and  in this case, employees  in particular.  The   most important thing is to establish which kind of improvement is essential for the organization in question.

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