After reviewing Riordan’s organizational charts, its employee files, customer information, and sales and marketing information systems, it is evident that the company plans for change and communication management. In this regard, a functional organizational structure would be the most effective for Riordan Manufacturing Company. This is because the structure makes it possible to classify the company’s departments into different functional areas, such as finance, engineering and marketing. As a result, the company’ employees are grouped according to their special talents, expertise and experience. For example, a finance team is more effective brainstorming together, especially when testing an accounting reporting system.

The selected functional organizational structure will make the employees of the company to behave differently, for instance, there will be increased communication. This is very healthy for the business operations of the company because more information and knowledge will be shared among the departmental employees. Moreover, there will be efficient allocation and use of the company’s resources among its employees, and since there will be a more harmonized chain of command; the employee’s morale will be higher. As communication is improved among the employees, there is more knowledge sharing because the staff members tend to form a strong work relationship. In this regard, decision making processes are made faster since there is a lot of coordination among the employees. This also implies that there is little duplication of the company’s resources since its raw materials and labor operate more efficiently, because every employee concentrates more in his/her role, as outline in the firm’s job description manual.

In summary, post evaluation of Riordan’s functional organizational structure can be done by conducting employee questionnaire interview to determine its success/failure. Email questionnaires will be designed and sent to each employee of this company. Finally, the results of the findings will be analyzed before a final report with detailed recommendation is given to Riordan’s Manufacturing Company’s management.

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