Development of total quality management (TQM) productivity measures for all operations would be important, as measurement is the first step in managing and controlling an operation. HSBC bank, UAE can also solicit for productivity improvement ideas from its employees by engaging them in the decision making process. This can be done by organizing the employees in teams. These teams would come up with recommendations on better ways of doing things across various departments. The management can also establish reasonable goals for improvement, then measure them, and publicize them. It is recommended that the company introduces the concept of quality circles. This would strengthen the way it consults its employees for ideas regarding quality improvement. Quality circles comprise of employees who meet periodically to discuss ways of improving products, services, and processes. These not only constitute valuable sources of workers’ inputs, they motivate workers, if handled properly, by demonstrating management interest in workers’ ideas. The establishment can also conduct interviews from time to time with workers to identify local problems and with customers to identify external problems.

The company’s management should incorporate surveys that will involve customers in operation planning. Involvement of the customers in operation planning could reduce a lot of wastages and give the business efficiency. This could result in the achievement of the company’s competitive edge, while cementing the market niche of this company in the UAE.

1. Total Quality Management (TQM) should encompass both the employee and customer satisfaction. Moreover, improvements in communication systems, improved employee involvement in decision-making processes, improvements in team relationships, safety in working conditions, customer satisfaction, community satisfaction, and learning and innovation are necessary components of the TQM in the organization.

2. In TQM implementation and adjustment, prevailing culture must be taken into consideration to avoid organizational conflicts, which might be unhealthy for the success of the business.

3. The management and leadership style really matters when it comes to employees’ morale. Managers should, therefore, endeavor to employ more interactive and friendly approach when it comes to leadership.

4. In embracing the concept of total quality management, the company’s management should involve the employees in the decision making, especially when it concerns those issues that affect their work environment; especially the organizational changes ought to be communicated in time to minimize employees’ resistance. As a result, this boosts the employees’ morale and productivity.

5. TQM can make it possible for the company to address pertinent issues, evaluate its current development, and correct its deviations from the intended goals in time.

6. The implementation of TQM can enable the company to gain competitive edge over its competitors by making sure that the best quality products/services attained through innovation are offered to the customers.

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The chosen company for this critical analysis is the HSBC Bank, UAE. One of the issues witnessed in this company is the internal and external customers’ dissatisfaction, which is caused by the poor communication between the employees and the management. Moreover, inadequate autonomy is practiced in this company; being too much into employees’ work sometimes demoralizes them, this is because the employees feel that they do not have any form of freedom. This has the effect of lowering morale because it creates unnecessary pressure on the employee. In most cases, the company’s managers do not give their employees the autonomy to do things on their own with minimal supervision.Authoritative leadership style is practiced in this company: this is where every decision is left to the managers, who after passing the decisions; they demand the employees to follow the directives without much questioning or reference. Authoritative leadership has left many employees feeling devalued, and this has lowered their morale greatly. In this regard, the company’s management has failed to implement and practice total quality management (TQM) techniques since the employees are not fully involved in the decision making process. Moreover, there is little direct communication with the lower hierarchical members, which has lowered the employees’ involvement/participation and empowerment.        

The quest for the concept of total quality management (TQM) can be signified by three principles: the never ending push for improvement, involvement of all employees in quality initiatives, and the desire to continuously meet and exceed the expectations of a customer. The extent to which a product or service successfully fulfills its intended purpose has four key determinants, namely its design, conformance to the design, ease of use, and after sales services.

However, given the findings which established that clients highly complained about the quality of goods/services that they get from organizations, especially HSBC bank, UAE, it is paramount that the management of the company employs the concept of business process re-engineering strategies. It would enable the organization to improve the quality of services and goods they provide to its customers. This strategy would demand that the key management switch their operations from the current functional department orientation to process teams by organizing their internal processes and strategies around the outcomes of the investigative studies, which have been carried out to determine the customers’ feelings about their products and services. It would also foster the empowerment of the employees who undertake the work of ensuring that the company achieves quality in its service delivery.  

Moreover,since the greatest challenge of the company is its capability to satisfy all the quality needs of its clients, the management at HSBC bank would highly benefit from the employment of the concept of Total Quality Management philosophy. This model would enable the leadership to remodel their organizational process to put emphasis on meeting the needs and expectations of the customers. The model would ensure that the new strategies geared towards ensuring quality in organization are developed to cover all the processes of the organization, including the examination of all the costs related to quality. Besides,the HSBC Bank, UAE has been trying to ensure that the organization achieves quality in service delivery, and this can be achieved by applying the concept of quality circles. On the other hand, the employees should be trained sufficiently to fit into the concept of organizational culture so that they are motivated to discharge their duties. It is necessary to facilitate more automation facility/equipment so that specialized staff can deliver faster quality. Absence of variability can also help segment the company’s clientele, thus concentrating to be the best at what it does.   

It can be learnt from this critical analysis that managers should try to involve employees in decisions affecting their work since this makes the employees feel that they are part of the team. In critical positions like financial management, every employee has his or her area of specialization and they should be given time to talk and share out their ideas on what they think ought to be done to enhance quality change in the company’s management.For instance,employees with low morale have shown negative performances in areas of their specialization.As a result, increased error potential caused by lack of attention due to low morale can lead to very low quality output. In addition, this lowers the ability to offer best quality services to the customers. Moreover, there are chances that the employees with low morale would often try to make their co-workers unhappy, thus leading to very negative attitude and performance in their workplace.

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