Broadly, we can term segmentation as the division of a market according to the similarities they display in terms of the commodities that they demand as well as similarity in consumer behavior (Mentzer, 2001). In business, we can place it under marketing. For this assignment, I picked the clothing, home cutlery and furniture sector due to its universalism. Despite, its universal nature it is outright that preference and needs vary according to many factors in a family setting. I would be awkward to find a father and a son on a casual match. J.C. Penny Store runs an e-commerce retails website. To segment the customers, the website has utilized demographics in terms of gender as well as a sense of age grouping (junior and guys, kids and babies).

In the same fashion, psychographics in terms of famous brands are highlighted with special links to the collection. Under that appropriate sub-sections have been dedicated for convenience. Brands highlighted include:

  • ‘American living’
  • ‘Sephora’
  • ‘Liz Claiborne’
  • ‘Simply Calphalon’
  • ‘Mango Women’
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To add onto these features, there are messages for particular segments used to captivate potential buyers. Ideally, the most captivating involve price reductions and discounts that have been instituted. However, other messages include declarations of product availability. For example, a pictorial attraction is written “We have your size, save on the sizes and fits for you”.

In the segmentation I would commend what has been done. All the same, there are shortcomings such that the distinction between the clothing segments and the other home use commodities is not clear. On the same note, the use of messages has been clouded by price offer and reduction messages which in my opinion should be secondary to the main attraction due to their seasonal nature. As duly noted, the above would be central to any adjustments I would make as marketing personnel in company. In addition to that, I would introduce brands in the demographic segments to make sure the commodity available cuts across the consumers.

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