The article is about the strategic management and the business policies needed to be put to ensure the company meets its target and vision. For an efficient management strategy, both stakeholders should be able to take the risk and be innovative. The articles are also about the professionalism training needed to develop the business and take it to the next stage. One thing that the writer agrees to be combining all businesses in their business policy formulation is on three main things; discovery, experimentation and innovation. The article further highlights the development of insight art, which has led to the development of arts based innovation to improve people’s condition and business around them. Lastly, the article examines how different insight training is leading to the establishment of the relationship between beauty and business development.

The article has pointed out some issues which are critical in strategic management and business policy; for instance, innovation is the starting point for any business to succeed. Business policies must be innovative to meet the dynamic current market demand to rescue the business from unfair competition.  The business should also adopt effective means of solving problems and challenges arising to get a long lasting solution in the efforts to reach the goals. As the writer pointed out, imagination and use of the intellectual abilities are essential in steering the business forward in achieving its goals.

The articles emphasized on the practical impact art based methods experienced in improving the creativity of the people through connecting them to their work. Arts based methods resulted to improved behavior, increased energy and were well motivated. It further states that participants were engaged from the time of inception to implementation of the policies which lasted for a longer time. As much as the method was successful, in some aspect it can not be used as a strategist mode because it has no methodology to be followed. Art based method relies on the perception of individuals and it may be seen as a short time methodology. Strategic management concepts require long term vision which the organization can adopt to enable it expand. The article did not give the art based methodology a strategic management concept.

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Insight art approach is concerned with the personal attitudes towards the realization of the organizations strategic management. It focused on the transformation of the individuals rather than transferring to ensure goals are met. This can be an acceptable method to behavior change, which can be used in influencing policies in the organization towards realizing its vision. The disadvantaged part of it will arise if the organization is not able to retain its personnel who have undergone the transformation; all the personnel will be lost and the organization will have to start from zero. What is required is the transformation of the business for the future operations and not immediate actions, which will vanish immediately.

For a successful strategic management and business policy, the stakeholders must ensure they report back on their experience, which will give room to amend the policies to suit the intended target. This has further been seconded by the writer who learned of the mistake after attending a business presentation. It will further aid in developing an innovation strategy through making the connection with the concerned parties and observation. High quality ideas are achieved when all stakeholders are engaged in the strategic management and their input factored in making business policy. The article skipped to mention the collective responsibility of stakeholders. As the writer noted, insight arts are based on three key facts namely collecting, connecting, and creating. With the proper engagement, a uniting business policy will be reached, and its impacts will be felt across the business environment.

In conclusion, strategic management and business policy formulation requires all the stakeholders to be involved and their inputs factored in the management. Different methodologies should be applied in making long term policies include innovation, experimentation and discovery in meeting the organization's vision. Lastly, the organization should ensure it gets the feedback from its stakeholders on the services it offers and to get the clients reception and perception about the products.

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