Sensory impairment is a form of bodily disability; its effects can be either minor or devastating. Hearing and sight complications, in particular, are the examples of such disabilities. The main problem for those suffering from partial or total absence of hearing is usually communicating with people and studying. Communication is a significant problem for deaf-blind and deaf students; the difficulties they face include psychological, developmental and emotional issues. Students face additional difficulties that are linked to the sensory impairment effects and require early multi- disciplinary. The cruxes they face often deal with the society’s perception of individuals suffering from sensory impairment.

Early onset of severe hearing or visual impairment affects the student’s development and interferes with the mental health both of those affected. Students suffering from sensory impairment do not want to draw attention to themselves but will appreciate any individual understanding and respecting them. Deaf students may be attending a presentation with a note taker or an interpreter. Hearing aids can be helpful in clarifying speech, though they amplify background noise causing stress in a quite environment.

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Teachers should be responsible and ask the class or the audience if people with specific needs are present and let them decide where to sit. The teacher should ensure to gain attention before beginning to speak and keep an eye contact with everyone, not disregarding individuals with disabilities. In practical sessions, teachers should make sure not to stand behind the student when she or he is working; thus, the student will be always aware of the events happening around (Farrell, 2005). Lip reading is also crucial and needs concentration. Advancements in technology have given rise to increased options for blind learners. Some of the devices that can be utilized include text-voice, brailing software and CCTV. Teachers and lecturers should always ensure the preferences of those suffering from sensory impairment are fulfilled; thus, such students will exhibit better performance and feel more comfortable, both physically and mentally.

In conclusion, those suffering from sensory impairment require certain health solutions, though it is difficult to achieve total success when dealing with the deaf-blind and the deaf. Specialist and local teams should work together to come up with National Framework Service in order to assist these patients.

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