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The last few decades has seen researchers break new grounds in the genetic field. Among the fields that have benefited immensely from the new genetic technologies include, disease management and reproduction sciences. These new technologies have however, emerged accompanied by numerous controversies especially in regard to ethical issues. Today, it is possible to isolate a single cell and clone it. This capability can be used to clone human beings; such kinds of capabilities have raised controversies, since it is unethical to clone human beings.   In other words, it is possible today to create a human being in a laboratory setting. This has seen many people in the society worried, about the possible misuses of genetic research. This is so, especially if the researchers, directed their efforts towards cloning human beings rather than use the advanced technologies to cure diseases. There is also the worry that, those with genetic disease would seek to clone their genes to get organs donors. Genetic researchers however, argue that such capabilities have the ability to manage genetic disorders or curing the gene selective diseases (Conn, 2008). However, this technology can be misused to clone human beings.  Genetic research has also enabled scientist to assists infertile couples in reproduction (American Society for Clinical Investigation, 2007).  Whereby, embryos are fertilized in test tubes and implanted in human to develop. Such capability has seen an increase in assisted births. However, ethical issues regarding this capability often arise, especially if the couples seeking such assistance are of the same gender (Pelias, 2001). Despite all these controversies, genetic research can be capable of helping develop a cure for AIDs. Considering the millions the disease has affected all over the world, if genetic research is the answer, then it is an area worth pursuing. It should clear that there is no credible research, which has been done to ascertain the well being of the children resulting from assisted births. Such discrepancies help make a case against some of the uses of genetic technologies (Pelias, 2001).

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