I propose to carry out a research on the attention deficit hyperactive disorder/ADHD. Both the diagnosis and the management of this disorder has remained elusive (Barcley, 2006). Additionally, because of the various biases accompanying most of the researches done on this subject, many scientists have contested the findings and recommendations of their counterparts leaving the patients and the community more confused.

By carrying out an independent research, free from any form of biases, this study will provide appropriate intervention methods. The findings of the research will be presented to the medical practitioners, my fellow learners and the larger community which are the victims of the condition. This independent investigation will especially help in the diagnosis and management of the disorder, which for along time has remained elusive.

Statement of Qualification

My interest in this field is not only limited to the academic work but there is a passion to help those who are suffering from such a combination of multiple neurological disorders as experienced in the case of the ADHD disorder. Of special concern to me is the fact that this disorder is more rampant among children (PubMed Health, 2011). Helping such disadvantaged children, especially in the activities that require mental capabilities, has always been my joy. With this project, I seek to establish the most appropriate ways diagnosing the disorder. The project will also research certain prompt measures that can be taken to ensure that the condition is improved and/or completely repaired. My research will, unlike the many scenarios, avoid any form of bias that has been experienced in the past studies.

Tentative Argument

Attention deficiency hypersensitivity disorder (ADHD) was formerly known as the attention deficiency disorder. Due to its multiplicity of symptoms, it has been widely considered as a result of multiple neurological disorders. As mentioned earlier, both the diagnosis and the management of the disorder has remained elusive. Various studies that have been done on this topic have also been accompanied by various biases leading to the lack of clear consensus.

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Another factor that catalysed my choice of this topic is the severity of the effects of the condition if left uncorrected. Such a scenario would lead to the affected children continuously registering low performance, especially in those activities that require mental effort or in the daily activities like, for instance, eating (Barcley, 2006). This would mean that both the education and the health of children who suffer from the disorder would remain at danger. 

Another issue that made me choose the topic is the belief that the majority of the causes of this disorder can be prevented. The only exception may be the genetic factors that predispose children in a family that has a history of ADHD. The other factors, such as those related to nutritional imbalances for unborn children and predisposing unborn children to such disorders as smoking and drinking alcohol, can be avoided. This can be done through appropriate interventions based on the information that would result from this research (Barkley, 2006). Additionally, even though there are various diagnosis and treatment approaches that have been suggested for the disorder, there is a need for further research to ascertain their effectiveness (Barkley & Murphy, 2007).

With a survey that the National Institute of Mental Health (2007) had conducted suggesting that the disorder affects one in every twenty children globally, there is a need for urgent but informed interventions. The effect of the disorder is even worsening by the fact that it persists into adulthood. Though many researchers have reported its prevalence in the boy-child, this has been due to the fact that most researches focus on males rather than considering both sexes. With such biases, the past researchers can never be totally relied on for proper interventions.

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