Currently, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is considered as the fourth cause of death among people in the United States, it is also the main cause of morbidity. This disease is within the group of diseases that mostly cause airflow blockage as well as other breathing related problems (Miles & Roberts, 2005). Additionally, COPD leads to deaths approximately 120,000 Americans every year. The large number of deaths related to COPD has raised concern in the medical fraternity. This has led to the introduction of teaching plan on various nursing programs aimed at enhancing healthcare services provided to different people diagnosed with COPD in the society.

For nurses to be able to offer healthcare services to all those individuals diagnosed with COPD, there is a need of comprehensive learning for nurses to ensure that they are able to offer adequate healthcare to all individuals diagnosed with COPD. This enables nurses to concentrate on the management of COPD which involve prevention of various incidents of exacerbation as well as other complications that might arise because of COPD (Allen, 2010).

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In order for nurses to learn the needs of managing and controlling COPD more effectively, there are various learning needs that comprise of acquisition of knowledge of COPD. This enable nurses to be able to identify the early symptoms of the disease and ways of preventing that disease.

Caring for patients diagnosed with COPD happens to be an enormous challenge to nurses due to many complexities that arise. Nurses are required to remain familiar to all characteristics of the patients’ conditions, and provide an environment that is conducive for the patient and family that can support the highest level of wellness. COPD lesson plan on nursing education program assists the patient to comprehend their diseases, as well as its processes. This enables patients to gain knowledge of COPD and be able to identify and describe signs of infection earlier.

Additionally, COPD lessons in the nursing programs enable nurses to advice the patients on medication and how to take the medicines. Also, nurses are able to come up with various ways of improving airflow, as well as respiratory patterns.

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